Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maesil Syrup

At the Korean market, DH found this interesting can of what he first thought of as a Korean 'drink'. After he opened the can, he found out that it was actually a maesil syrup, or an Asian plum cordial that you mix with water.

~_~" too lazy to read... The only English language on the can says "This Maesil syrup tastes really delicious and refreshing. Enjoy its original and natural taste!"

We transferred the syrup into an empty glass jar and kept it in the fridge. From the picture interpretation, it says 20ml of syrup to 100ml of water. According to our taste, we mixed 6 tsp to 1 cup of water (around 250ml).... sorry, this glass is actually not 250ml, but you can estimate the proportions.

The taste is lightly sweet and similar to the famous Japanese liquor, Umeshu or plum wine, just without the alcohol.

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