Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fresh Fruit Juice

Really miss my Tropicana and Oasis brands, especially the 100% orange juice and grapefruit juice. You can't find a similar natural fruit juice that tastes as good here in KL. What is more popular though are the concentrated fruit syrup and rose water, the one that contains sugar, with which you mix with water. Hmmm... not exactly my favorite drinks.

Maybe it's a good thing after all. I've been squeezing fresh orange juice and apple juice twice (tried to) every week with this juice extractor machine Vitae by Moulinex. I bought this because I wanted a small machine.... that's the only one I can find.

Directly serves into your glass.



Simple switches: power on and off, and option for soft fruit and harder fruits. The speed is 12,800 rotations per minute.

green apple1

Freshly squeezed fruit juices taste wonderful!

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