Saturday, January 30, 2010


Can't have enough of chocolates! Here are some chocolates I've tried over the past months, and the personal stars I gave for each. My favorites so far are Lindt, and Royce'.

Lindt's extra fine milk chocolate from Switzerland. Creamy and silky taste (5 stars).

Cadburry's new Bournville fine dark chocolate (4 stars).

Beryl's Chocolate has plenty of variety to choose from (3 stars).

Ikea's milk chocolate: there's a slight coconut taste to it, not to my taste though (2 stars).

Vochelle's milk chocolate. Sorry, tastes like cooking chocolate (2 stars).

Royce' Chocolate, a heavenly chocolate from Japan that simply melts in your mouth (5 stars). Royce' shop is on 3rd floor at Isetan KLCC.

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Chanaporn said...

Ikea does make chocolate too?? WOW!

Lily (aka Ly) said...

Ikea also have their own brand of cookies, jams, etc. DH jokingly said that next time we visit the tax team, we should bring Ikea cookies and goodies... then everyone will think we bought from Sweden, hehe