Monday, December 21, 2009

Free iPhone Games

These are interesting and non-stressful games you can download on your iPhone for free. You can recommend them to your friends too. They are available at the iPhone App Store:

Traffic Rush


Your goal is to avoid collision by swiping the cars and motorbikes to cross the intersection, or stopping them at the intersection.

Tower Madness Zero


Prevent the aliens from abducting your flock of sheep by building your towers with cannons, missiles, and lightning with your accumulated points.

Paper Toss

Toss the paper into the rubbish bin, while taking into consideration the fan speed.

Tap Tap Revenge

Tap the balls along the music tempo to get points and 100% score.

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Chanaporn said...

already recommended to my colleagues ka, one of them has some of these games too hehe

It can be proved that it's worth to play hehe

Lily (aka Ly) said...

i tried Cooking Mama light, but prefer to play it on DS, hehe