Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fire and Precautions

This is DH's almost new laptop bag... you've guessed it, we had a fire incident in our apartment. This is the printer cord that was also caught in the fire. Ouch, it hurts to see this... looks ugly!

To make the story short, I was mopping the floor in the work room, and DH moved his laptop bag from the floor on to the working table where he lit up an essential oil diffuser, which innocently looks like this:

 DH went off for his shower, while I continued mopping the floor. Then, I smelled fire. I looked up to see what looks like a camp fire gushing upwards from the work table. The bag had tilted and caught fire on the essential oil diffuser. It was smoking hell... with it, you can toast your marshmallows in seconds!

At that moment, and I am ashamed to say that, the only thing I did was shout at the top of my lunges, "Aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!! FIIIIIIIRE!!!!" (for quite a while). DH ran out of the washroom half-naked and quickly extinguished the fire with my plastic paper folder, the only object within his reach. That was the end of the laptop bag, the printer cord, and my plastic folder. Sarcastically to say, the damages could have been worse if I wasn't in the same room as the fire...

Both DH and I inhaled toxic black smoke. We sneezed out the black dirt from our nostrils later that day.

Back of the oil diffuser... with black stains that I cannot remove...

I'm now trying to stop the "what if"s sentences, so let's look forward (and not backward) and not make the same mistake. Now, we are taking extra precaution when using candles/ essential oil diffuser, and never let it unattended : ( We've also decided to buy a small fire extinguisher and a fire alarm to place it in the apartment. Actually, we should have installed it when we first moved in our new place.

For more fire safety tips and fire prevention education, read this helpful website: Fire Prevention Canada (fiprecan.ca), then click on Fact Sheets tab.

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Chanaporn said...

Lucky both of you that only some stuff's burnt.