Saturday, December 5, 2009

Daiso @ the Curve

Recently, I've been walking at the Curve and found an interesting shop called Daiso, similar to the dollar store in Canada. Daiso has 2,500 shops in Japan and around 500 shops overseas. The products inside Daiso are cute and quite innovative, mostly living ware, such as kitchen utensil, plastic storage, stationery, bags, tableware, etc. Each item costs RM5 (if I remember, it's Baht60 if you shop at Daiso Thailand).

It's so tempting to fill your basket when you're inside Daiso. Something I bought: a clear case made in Japan.

I've been looking for a good quality clear case to store my bills and letters when I run for my errands, the A5 size is big enough. I initially wanted to buy one from MUJI, but there is no such store in Malaysia :( Now, I put this clear case inside my handbag at all times. For your info, you can also find one at hypermarkets for RM2.90, but the quality of the plastic and zipper are not as good as the one at Daiso.

Other than the Curve, I believe Sungei Wang also has a newly opened Daiso branch there.

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