Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to: Paint a Wall

There were cracks on the walls of our apartment. The cracks are now repaired, and it's time to paint the wall. The problem is that we couldn't remember which paint color was used. That's a really big problem.

We decided to go with ICI Dulux moonlight shadow, which is a very light gray color, and similar to our wall color.

What's interesting about ICI Dulux is that they do not stock up colors. Instead they use a machine to mix the pigments to come up with the color chosen by the client from the color palette.This method greatly reduces the paint color stock. Instead they stock only on 1 item: a paint tin that is partially filled with resin and water (I think).

Here's the equipment you need to paint a wall:
  • paint brush
  • paint roller
  • roller pan
  • paint (remember your color!)
  • masking tape (preferably the blue type)
  • ladder
  • paint thinner (actually, I didn't use it)
  • newspapers (lots of them to cover your floor)
  • music
  • drinking water
This is a website with great illustrations that show you how to paint:

My personal tip for you is not to put too much paint on your brush and roller. After you've done with your second (or third) coating, wait from between 30 minutes to a few hours before you pull out the masking tape at 45 degrees angle.

If the coating is too heavy, this is what you'll get when you rip off the masking tape:

My wall, before (with masking tape):

My wall, after.. masking tape still on:

This is the result I got because I couldn't remember the color! Ugly isn't it?

I was too lazy to paint the entire wall... now, I have no choice but to paint it entirely!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great Songs for Wedding Slideshow

Here are some of my favorite songs I've heard (and used) for wedding slide shows / video presentations. The upbeat ones are great for wedding photo slide show. The slower and softer songs can be used for the bride and groom's grand entrance. "Haven't Met You Yet" is from Micheal Buble's new album Crazy Love, if you're looking for something new.
  • Micheal Franti and Spearhead - Say Hey (I Love You)
  • Micheal Buble - Haven't Met You Yet
  • Micheal Buble - Everything
  • Boys Like Girls ft Taylor Swift - Two is Better Than One
  • Ne-Yo - Never Knew I Needed
  • Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
  • Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat - Lucky
  • Adam Sandler - I Wanna Grow Old With You
  • The Bird and the Bee - How Deep Is Your Love
  • Howie Day - Collide
  • Joss Stone - L-O-V-E
  • Camille - Le Festin
The last song is one of the soundtracks from Ratatouille, great for the food presentation.

This list will be updated from time to time.
Last update: 26 Apr. 2010

(This has absolutely nothing to do with wedding songs, but I find this website can be helpful: It helps you create your personal wedding web page for free. Many of my friends have used this :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prep your Skin Before Makeup

SIL2's wedding is approaching... as well as other dinner parties, so I thought it might be interesting to post these steps to prep your skin before makeup.

For normal days, I stop after the moisturizer and SPF, because I'm too lazy for extras layers ^^.

After cleansing your skin, apply moisturizer of your choice. Then follow these 3 simple steps:
    1. Concealer: to hide any flaws, such as baggy under-eyes
      • My favorite: EDM, sunlight concealer
      • Apply with: eye kabuki brush
    2. Foundation: to even your skin tone
      • My favorite: Everyday Minerals ("EDM"), fairly light - original glo foundation
      • Apply with: kabuki brush
    3. Eye primer: to avoid fading of your eye makeup, avoid smudges, and accentuate the pigments of your eye shadows.
      • My favorite: Two Faced Eye Shadow (click here to read my review of the product)
      • Apply with: your ring finger 

    If you want to reduce extra shine, you can apply EDM finishing powder before your foundation (as a primer), and/or after your concealer (as a finishing powder); or
    If your skin gets oily during the day, or night, tap it with a pressed powder foundation (Ivory color suits Asian's skin tones).

    After the above steps, start your make up.

    You've noticed that I'm a fan of EDM. All their products are made of organic loose mineral powders. It's safe for your skin because it's free from toxic chemical, talc, etc. You'll be surprised how affordable all their products are (ranging from $2.50-$12, their website: My favorites are their soft brushes and pigmented eye shadows. I'm afraid they don't have a forum page anymore, but you can view their reviews on Youtube.

      How to Fold Baby Cloth Diaper

      I was watching MIL fold baby cloth diapers for her 5 months old granddaughter. It was quite amusing as it looked like a giant origami. I searched on Google for the folding directions, but none was showing exactly the way MIL folded. I thought it would be a good idea to post it on the net.

      Below are the pictures I've taken of the folding steps... sorry if it looks more confusing with the arrows.

      1- fold in half, taking the length as your base

      2- fold another half

      Now that you have a square (or rectangular), lift one layer to create a triangle as in picture #3 below.


      4- Flip it over. This is how it looks like. Continue folding.


      7- Voilà! You can use a diaper cover with this.


      It wouldn't be a bad idea to fold the diapers beforehand and keep them in a basket for future use.


      Tuesday, December 22, 2009

      Gatsby Clay for Hair

      Gatsby clay for hair is another great Japanese brand product. The purple packaging is a favorite for DH and DB. It's great if you want your hair to stay soft while retaining a long lasting style.

      Tip: go for clay, not gel. For more styles, visit their website: or

      Monday, December 21, 2009

      Free iPhone Games

      These are interesting and non-stressful games you can download on your iPhone for free. You can recommend them to your friends too. They are available at the iPhone App Store:

      Traffic Rush


      Your goal is to avoid collision by swiping the cars and motorbikes to cross the intersection, or stopping them at the intersection.

      Tower Madness Zero


      Prevent the aliens from abducting your flock of sheep by building your towers with cannons, missiles, and lightning with your accumulated points.

      Paper Toss

      Toss the paper into the rubbish bin, while taking into consideration the fan speed.

      Tap Tap Revenge

      Tap the balls along the music tempo to get points and 100% score.

      Photo credits:

      Sunday, December 20, 2009

      Fabric Coasters

      Lovely fabric coasters from Japan, with different designs.



      Fabric design:

      I prefer fabric over other materials (PVC, synthetic leather or others) because cloth absorbs the condensation from your cold drinking glass.

      Friday, December 18, 2009

      Best Christmas Songs

      I was in the full Christmas mood the whole day. These are the songs I kept on listening to... my favorites for the winter holiday season.

      This list is not in any particular order:
      1. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams
      2. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl Ives
      3. The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole
      4. Frosty the Snowman - Bing Cosby
      5. Rudolph, the Red-Nose Reindeer - Gene Autry
      6. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
      7. Let it snow - Frank Sinatra
      8. Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms
      9. Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
      10. White Christmas - Bing Cosby
      11. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Judy Garland
      12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Christina Aguilera
      13. Winter Wonderland - The Carpenters
      14. Winter Wonderland - Jason Mraz
      15. I'll Be Home for Christmas - Micheal Buble
      16. Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Mariah Carey
      17. More holiday songs:
      18. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Perry Como
      19. Do You Hear What I Hear? - Perry Como
      20. Sleigh Ride - Andy Williams
      21. 12 Days of Christmas - Bing Cosby
      22. Holly Night - Charlotte Church
      23. Little Drummer Boy - Josh Groban
      24. Here Comes Santa Claus - Gene Autry

      Have I missed any? Feel free to add more of your favorites in your comments!

      Thursday, December 17, 2009

      I'm on ZooLoo land

      Have you heard about this website: It's new and great if you want to manage several accounts at the same time. You can view your Facebook, Twitter, BBC news, Ebay, Craiglist, Flickr, and emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. from a single page! Fantastic! It's free, for a storage limit of 3GB.

      This is a sample of how my dashboard looks like. You can also drag and drop your widgets. Try it out and see!

      You can also create your own website with zooloo.


      Tuesday, December 15, 2009

      The Dog, Mulan

      This is Mulan. She's a very intelligent dog. I've always wanted to know her breed, but the owner doesn't have a clue. If you can shed some light, it would be great. I'm ignorant at this :(


      The first time I saw her, she didn't bark at me. It was a good start. She's friendly, but doesn't like it when you play with her food.






      Looks like she's smiling at the camera. ^_^


      Saturday, December 12, 2009

      Vancouver 2010 Olympic

      62 days to go, for the winter Olympic in Vancouver! The Olympic Cauldron will be lit on February 12, 2010 ^_^ .

      Here's a medal design competition where you can vote for your favorite design for the front side of the medal, for the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore 14-26 August 2010:

      The official Vancouver 2010 website:

      Friday, December 11, 2009

      Afternoon Tea @ Café Stelle

      Café Stelle by Raffles is an elegant place to have English afternoon tea. The restaurant is located inside Pavilion, and the 3 tier afternoon tea is available from 3pm-6pm. We enjoyed our time there, and the waiters were courteous.

      In the below picture, left side, you'll notice what looks like a long stretch of banquet table... it's actually a runway for models :)

      afternoon tea 2

      What's on the 3 tier? Bruschetta, smoked salmon with sour cream, scones that come with jam, butter and strawberry mousse (the mousse was delightful), square dates, potato, etc.

      I had tea while DH enjoyed his coffee. He mentioned that the coffee cup base has a small bump, which give a nice stir to the coffee... something coffee lovers know best.

      afternoon tea

      3 tier afternoon tea Raffles

      English tea

      Thursday, December 10, 2009

      Cherry*sh*ME website

      Just to let you know that I'm so excited for this new website ^_^ It's completely different from the previous one. Thanks everyone for your input!


      Now the new site has pictures on it, FINALLY!!! We also have a Facebook fan page, a subscription for our specially designed postcard greetings, and a live feed from my second blog, which talks about tableware and the products that Tabletop Design offers.

      Remember that your visits to my blog and website is a great reward for me, and of course for adding it on your FB fan page :D. Oh, before I forget, this site is designed by a superb website and web application team from LeanIS Consulting Sdn Bhd. The credit goes to them ^_^

      Wednesday, December 9, 2009

      Bella Pella Almond Sugar Scrub

      If you're visiting Montreal, you might want to get this product from Bella Pella shop at Eaton Shopping Center: the almond sugar scrub. Can't find this anywhere else! It's a body scrub that exfoliates and leaves your skin moisturized. It has a nice almond fragrance.

      After exfoliating your legs with this scrub during the summer time, you'll notice that your legs will have a certain shine under the sun.

      Bella Pella Almond Sugar Scrub CAD$19.95 for 300g, website:

      Tuesday, December 8, 2009

      Burt's Bees Lip Balm

      This is a good product if you want to prevent or heal chapped lips for this winter. Well, it works all year round too. This honey lip balm from Burt's Bees quickly moisturizes your lips. I try not to put it on when DH is around, because he doesn't like the smell. You might also dislike the smell, but for me, I'm fine with it as long as it can heal my lips :).

      Monday, December 7, 2009

      Christmas Decorations @ Pavilion

      There were a lot of people at Pavilion during the weekend. The Christmas decorations are up and families are taking pictures of the reindeer, the sleigh, and the Christmas trees that are so nicely decorated.




      Evening shot of the reindeer


      Night shot of the reindeer


      Pavilion's Liuli Crystal Fountain at night... it stood at 3.6 meters tall. At night, the fountain changes colors from red, green, blue, yellow,... my eyes got dizzy... did it happened to you too?


      Day shot of the Pavilion's fountain... see the hibiscus, Malaysia national flower? It's a symbol of opulence, passion and progression. This fountain has another great meaning... the three bowls represents the multiracial and multicultural nation living in harmony, which is this year's slogan of 1-Malaysia.