Sunday, November 1, 2009

Milo Drink

When I came to Malaysia, I was surprised at how Milo, a chocolate and malt powder by Nestle, is so famously consumed by Malaysians. At the hypermarket you can see the aisle filled with Milo green packaging.

It's considered a must have drink in the morning. The Milo manufactured in Malaysia is customized to be mixed with hot or cold water instead of milk, so it tastes different from the Milo manufactured in Australia. Malaysians like to add sweetened condensed milk to the drink too.

I haven't gotten used to Milo drink yet... I'm too used to my glass of cold milk in the morning. If I have chocolate milk cravings, I'd go for Nestle Nesquik, with the Quicky Bunny. Haha, well, in Malaysia, I'd go for this Cadbury chocolate drink powder, which I find, tastes better than Milo.


Chanaporn said...

Definitely will try cadbury chocolate drink next time! eiei ISO 22000 said...

Even in the Philippines, I think that Milo is consumed by most of the pinoys. Although I find Swiss Miss better than it. I haven't tried Cadbury though.