Friday, November 27, 2009

How to Store Your Accessories

This post is in response to an anonymous reader's suggestion. Thanks for your suggestion, and welcome everyone for all other topic suggestions!

Accessories can be organized and stored in different ways, depending on how you want your room, drawers or closet to look like. For example, some prefer to hang their necklaces and earrings on nice jewelry hangers, but for me, I prefer arranging them in a box. It looks neater and visually unclogged.

Below, I'll show you how I organize my accessories in an affordable and green way... hope you like it!


I'm a box person: I like to keep nice gifts boxes and think of how to put them into good use. I store my earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in separate boxes. This might sound overboard, but I also put a label on each box to save time when identifying what each box stores.

If you don't have boxes in hand, you can buy plastic drawers, or plastic box with compartments. (That was what I initially intended to do, a nice white or transparent plastic drawers for my accessories and make-up.)

You'll notice that my storage boxes are very small. That's because I want to avoid impulse buying. It will force me to think of the storage before I buy additional accessories that I won't need or even wear. This doesn't mean that I won't switch to a bigger box size, if needed ^_^

Inside my earrings box: I like to store my earrings in organza bags, it looks nicer and there's enough transparency to see the inside. You can buy organza bags at any craft shop, or if you prefer, you can also buy mini transparent plastic bags instead.

Inside my bracelets box: I put my bracelet in separate transparent plastic bags. In case you're wondering... I bought these at the flea market :)

Inside the necklace box: it's the same concept, each necklace is placed inside a transparent plastic bag. This will prevent the necklaces from tangling and breaking.

I also have a separate box where I put my most wearable earrings and rings, etc. The box is placed on top my dresser drawer, where it's most reachable.


For scarves, I like to fold them in a box too. This is how it looks like inside the box: silk, pashmina and winter scarves on one side, and lighter scarves or neckerchief on the other side.

These are fabric covered boxes. They come with label insert and a front handle. I store them on the closet shelf.

You'll notice that I like to tape the written words on my labels. That's to avoid pen marks on the plastic insert.


For belts, nothing special I just hang them on a special hanger inside the closet.


I like to store the bags in a drawer outside the bedroom. I like to keep them in a cloth bag, with a silica gel packet to preserve them. The bottom part is mostly backpack bags or traveling bags.


The shoes that I rarely wear, i.e. dinner party shoes, I store them in their respective shoe boxes, inside a drawer in the living room. I won't show it because there's nothing special about it ^.^

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