Sunday, November 8, 2009

Glimpse of Chinatown in Bangkok

There's plenty of food in the Chinatown area, especially after 6pm where the Yaowalad street is filled with hawker food stalls.

This so called "noodle shop", in an alley between two buildings, is only opened in the morning until 12pm. If you come after 12pm there won't be any food left for you.

The shop specialty is noodle and fish balls. You can order the soup version or the dry version. You can't miss it. It's on Yaowalad street (left side) just before the Hua Seng Heng gold shop.

As you can see the portion in Thailand is very small.

On the same street, you can see several pork snack shops. This is a favorite buy whenever I get the chance to go to Chinatown: pork stick. You can see many tourists inside the pork snack shops.

Strolling along the Chinatown market, you'll see these egg-less steamed cakes mixed with brown sugar and topped with sesame seed. I didn't like the taste though.


Chanaporn said...

I'm so hubgry now... your blog made me.... dieing alive.... hahaha

p.s. as per your wish list, my friend bought BB curve from the Us for 10K baht (here it's sold 15K). I'm not sure about BB bold na ka.

Lily (aka Ly) said...

hehe, stay tuned... more pics to be posted soon...

p.s. thanks for the info, in KL about the same price, but need to apply for the package. I think I'll wait 'till I move back to Canada to get one then ^^ haha