Monday, November 9, 2009

Famous Places of Worship in Bangkok

There are many places of worship in Bangkok city. The following is a list (not in any particular order) of the most sacred temples and shrines visited by locals worshipers and foreigners alike, who come to pay their respect and have their wishes granted.
  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha ("Wat Phra Kaeow")
  • The City Pillar Shrine ("Lak Muang" shrine)
  • The Erawan Shrine ("Sarn Phra Phrom"): accessible by BTS skytrain, either at Chidlom Station or at Siam Station. Worshipers pray for a successful career or business or love life.

Famous Chinese temples in Chinatown, Yaowalad area:
  • Tai Hong Kong Temple or "Poh Teck Tung": located on Plabplachai road, the Poh Teck Tung Foundation is one of the most recognized private charitable organization in Thailand. Inside the temple, at the back, you can donate a coffin for Baht 600 to the deceased without family. You can also add additional Baht 50 for white cloth. Worshipers like to pray for a safe road trip at this temple. Website: 

       This is a receipt for your donation. You can burn it in the allocated burner inside the temple:

         This pink paper will be pasted on the coffin:       

         Translation: "Making merit for:
         1) "jao kam nai wen" or wandering spirits
         2) people to whom you are grateful (father, mother, and ancestors)
         3) your guardian angel"
  • Mungkorn Chinese Temple or "Wat Mungkorn" or formerly named "Wat Leng Nei Yee": is located on Charoen Krung road. Worshipers like to pray for a safe and lucky year, at or around Chinese New Year. I've been told that it is always good to pay respect for a second time at the end of the year as well.

If you go to Wat Mungkorn around this time, you can donate Baht 200 for the renovation of the temple's roof (this doesn't happen often). You can write your name and your wish on the tile.


Wishing all tourists in Thailand a safe and happy discovery!

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