Monday, November 30, 2009

Clearasil - Pimple Treatment Cream

Just want to share with you a good product I've recently used. It's Clearasil's pimple treatment cream.

I had a huge pimple on my forehead. I applied this product morning and night, and the pimple disappeared the next day. I used only a tiny bit.

  1. wash face
  2. apply cream on the pimple (a very tiny drop will do)
  3. massage lightly into the skin
  4. use morning and night
  5. remember to wash hand after use
DH used it and it worked well for him too. Till now, there are no signs of pimples on my forehead anymore.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paloma Faith - New York

I love her song!!! Can't stop listening to this!!! Paloma has an amazing voice!

From her debut album "Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?", released 28th September 2009. Her official website:


The days were long and the nights so cold
The pages turn and the tale unfolds
He left me for another lady
She stood so tall and she never slept
There was not one moment he could regret
He left me for another lady

He took my hand one day and told me
He was leaving
Me disbelieving
And I I I I I I I I
Had to let him go

And it was New York, New York
And she took his heart away oh my
And it was New York, New York
She had poisoned his sweet mind

The wolves they howled for my lost soul
I fell down a deep black hole
He left me for another lady
She poured the drinks and she poured the power
Diamond girl who could talk for hours
He left me for another lady

Now I am on my own
He told me he was leaving
And I was pleading
And I I I I I I I I
Had to let him go

And it was New York, New York
And she took his heart away oh my
And it was New York, New York
She had poisoned his sweet mind

The greatest times
I don't want to hear it
Your new laughter lines
I don't want to hear it
The new found friends she introduced you to
I don't wanna know them I just want to be with you
Please don't make me go to
New York

New York
She took your heart away oh my
And it was New York, New York
She poisoned your sweet mind

She poisoned your sweet mind

Friday, November 27, 2009

How to Store Your Accessories

This post is in response to an anonymous reader's suggestion. Thanks for your suggestion, and welcome everyone for all other topic suggestions!

Accessories can be organized and stored in different ways, depending on how you want your room, drawers or closet to look like. For example, some prefer to hang their necklaces and earrings on nice jewelry hangers, but for me, I prefer arranging them in a box. It looks neater and visually unclogged.

Below, I'll show you how I organize my accessories in an affordable and green way... hope you like it!


I'm a box person: I like to keep nice gifts boxes and think of how to put them into good use. I store my earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in separate boxes. This might sound overboard, but I also put a label on each box to save time when identifying what each box stores.

If you don't have boxes in hand, you can buy plastic drawers, or plastic box with compartments. (That was what I initially intended to do, a nice white or transparent plastic drawers for my accessories and make-up.)

You'll notice that my storage boxes are very small. That's because I want to avoid impulse buying. It will force me to think of the storage before I buy additional accessories that I won't need or even wear. This doesn't mean that I won't switch to a bigger box size, if needed ^_^

Inside my earrings box: I like to store my earrings in organza bags, it looks nicer and there's enough transparency to see the inside. You can buy organza bags at any craft shop, or if you prefer, you can also buy mini transparent plastic bags instead.

Inside my bracelets box: I put my bracelet in separate transparent plastic bags. In case you're wondering... I bought these at the flea market :)

Inside the necklace box: it's the same concept, each necklace is placed inside a transparent plastic bag. This will prevent the necklaces from tangling and breaking.

I also have a separate box where I put my most wearable earrings and rings, etc. The box is placed on top my dresser drawer, where it's most reachable.


For scarves, I like to fold them in a box too. This is how it looks like inside the box: silk, pashmina and winter scarves on one side, and lighter scarves or neckerchief on the other side.

These are fabric covered boxes. They come with label insert and a front handle. I store them on the closet shelf.

You'll notice that I like to tape the written words on my labels. That's to avoid pen marks on the plastic insert.


For belts, nothing special I just hang them on a special hanger inside the closet.


I like to store the bags in a drawer outside the bedroom. I like to keep them in a cloth bag, with a silica gel packet to preserve them. The bottom part is mostly backpack bags or traveling bags.


The shoes that I rarely wear, i.e. dinner party shoes, I store them in their respective shoe boxes, inside a drawer in the living room. I won't show it because there's nothing special about it ^.^

You might also like: How to fold your shirt and organise your dresser drawer

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vote for my Blog!

Hi readers!

Recently, I've been noticing a lot of photographers on the street of KL... I was wondering why... haha maybe it's because of BLOG for FT! It's a contest that encourages the public to blog about the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan.

I've recently joined this contest and have submitted several of my posts, which have been approved, as below. I will also submit more posts until January 5, 2010, which might not be listed here ^^.

So, if you've read my posts, please click on the "Vote for my entry" below each of my selected posts (if any) to give me a star. The "Vote for my entry" banner looks like this:

Here are the links to my posts (since October 5, 2009), which you can vote for:

Banana Leaf Rice

Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom in KL

Po Ling Chinese Temple

Jalan Petaling

Food Tasting for Wedding Dinner

Thai temple in Kuala Lumpur

Sadly, my posts on Malacca trip, FRIM canopy walk and Cameron Highlands trip are not eligible, because they are not part of the Federal Territories : (

Oh, by the way, all the above posts are entered under the international category... which is open for non-Malaysian citizens ^_^.

If you're interested, you can enter the contest too, just click on the, and follow the instructions... remember that only posts from October 5,2009 to January 5, 2010 are eligible. Also, you must blog positively on any aspect of the Federal Territories (i.e. Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan), about life, heritage, nature, history, architecture or on any subject close to your heart. Good luck bloggers!

Thanks everyone for voting!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lebanese Dishes at Tarbush

This particular Tarbush restaurant is located at Starhill Feast Village on Bukit Bintang, just across Pavillion Shopping Mall. Some interesting Middle Eastern dishes:

Fetush or Fattoush salad (my favorite salad... another of my favorite is Tabbouleh/ Tabouleh/ Tabouli salad ^_^ mmmmm)

Hummous (a dip mainly made of chick peas, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and Tahini / sesame paste)

Mix Grill, consisting of Shish Kebab, Shish Tawook, lamb chop, etc. Delicious!

Arayes cheese

Total bill, with lemonade and pineapple juice: RM143

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pencil Eyeliner

Here are my favorite pencil eyeliners. I've always preferred pencil eyeliner over the liquid eyeliner. As for gel eyeliner, I haven't tried it yet.

  • Personelle Eyeliner (bought it at Jean Coutu): the first eyeliner I bought ^^ glides smoothly on your eyelid, and long wearing;
  • Annabellle Kohl Eyeliner (bought it at Walmart): glides smoothly on your eyelid, and stays the whole day, great price, about $4.50, excluding tax;
  • Eye pencil sharpener (bought it at Walmart): no brand, but very good quality and not expensive at all.

 At first, I hesitated to buy Annabelle, because of the word "kohl", but it is said to be safe to apply on the inner eyelid and waterline. Also, since it's a Canadian product and part of Marcelle group, I have no worries that they are prepared in accordance with relevant health standards.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oprah Winfrey Show

The news today announced that the Oprah Winfrey show, my favorite talk show, is going to end on September 25, 2011... SNIF SNIF

Paris Hilton

I was watching on and off Paris Hilton's My New BFF or My New Best Friend Forever, and she struck me as a happy-go-lucky person. She appears to be calm and smiling at all times, no matter what happens. Although she's a heiress and famous celebrity, she doesn't seem to have a bad attitude at all... not as of yet. Is it because she's not showing her true self in front of the camera?

In my opinion, Paris seems to be a clever person who knows how to use the media, and especially the paparazzi to her advantage. While other celebrities are running away and hiding from paparazzi, Paris Hilton gladly poses for them.

She doesn't seem to take life seriously, perhaps that is why we rarely sees her as melancholic.

I'm not a fan of hers, but I like her socialite attitude, what a gal!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Daily Skin Care Routine

Here's my daily skin care routine. Note that the brands highlighted in purple color are a keeper for me, and the ones that are not highlighted, I won't buy them again.

  • Johnson's 3 in 1 sensitive skin facial wash (soap free). Personally, I find that this is a good product, but when I use it morning and night for consecutive days, my skin becomes too dry. So now, I'm trying to finish off the bottle by using it alternatively every other mornings with Smooth E Face Wash (see below for review);
  • I skip the toner or astringent because it's too drying for my skin;
  • Origins Plantidote Mega-Mushroom face lotion, my favorite moisture lotion. I've been using it for many years, it's the best so far. I've always preferred lotion over cream, because it's not thick and can be quickly absorbed without leaving oily residues.
  • Origins Brighter by Nature moisture lotion with SPF25/PA++. So far, I haven't found a good sunscreen yet. If you have any suggestions, let me know! Also, I don't like to apply a SPF directly on my skin without a separate moisturizer.
  • Nivea eye make-up remover. This is a good make-up remover. It's gentle enough for your eyes, not oily at all, is very effective in removing thick mascara, and doesn't blur your eyes (if you know what I mean).
  • Smooth E Face Wash This is a favorite face wash, but it's hard to find outside Thailand, although they do sell it online ( This face wash effectively removes impurity from my skin, while keeping it moisturized. I find it better and much more affordable than the Origins Frothy Face Wash. The Smooth E face wash is a bubble-free cleanser, which claims not to leave chemical residues, which clog pore, cause acne and destroy the skin's natural moisturizer resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The main ingredients are: Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Oil , Primrose Oil, and Non-Ionic Surfactant. Since it's a hard to find product, once I finish the bottle, I will be trying the Nivea face wash because of the good reviews.
  • Origins Plantidote Mega-Mushroom face lotion

Here are larger pictures of the products:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Phone Directory Idea

I wanted to have an easy to access phone directory on the side table. So I bought a plastic photo frame, and inserted a printed excel sheet where I drew a grid and filled up with names and phone numbers.

Now this becomes my phone directory table signage. It looks more organized now  ^_^

Thaksin Declared Enemy to the Kingdom

Fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra, former PM of Thailand, has publicly been declared enemy to the Kingdom of Thailand. Click here to listen or to read.

One of the rare English version in the Thai newspaper, on 15 November 2009 at Sanam Luang:

"Thai's People Declaration to The World

       We are the people of the Kingdom of Thailand and are citizens who are loyal to our nation, our religion, and our monarchy. We gather here today at Sanam Luang in the capital city of Bangkok and are joined in spirit and in faith by Thai citizens from across the Kingdom.
       We come today to declare our purpose to everyone around the world, the following:
       1. The Kingdom of Thailand is one kingdom that cannot and will not be divided. The people of Thailand have always been and continue to be loyal to our nation, our religion, and our monarchy. The Kingdom of Thailand is governed under a constitutional monarchy and will never be ruled by any other system because we, the people of Thailand, are prepared to protect our nation, our religion, our King, our independence, our sovereignty, and our national interests…we protect these institutions with our lives.
       2. Fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra has been found guilty by the Supreme Court of Thailand for abuse of power and continues to flee and remain on the run. While he is hiding from the law, he is still wanted in many other corruption cases, but continues to create trouble and harm Thailand and its people, increasingly so that he has become the most wanted fugitive in the Kingdom’s recent history. Fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra will repay and return all assets that he has acquired through unjust means.
       We, the people of Thailand, will continue to monitor and demand those assets until they are rightfully returned to Thailand.
       3. We declare that Fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra has now become an enemy to the Kingdom of Thailand. He has become a traitor to his motherland by threatening Thailand’s national security and becoming an antagonist to Thailand’s constitutional monarchy. He has conspired with the enemy in undermining Thailand’s dignity.
       It has been apparent throughout his years as a fugitive that Thaksin Shinawatra has tried his best to incite political and ideological separation among Thais nationwide and also between the Kingdom of Thailand and its neighbor, Cambodia…a conflict that will not only affect Thai citizens, but also holds repercussions for the people of Cambodia and the citizens of Southeast Asia as a whole.
       4. We declare that the Kingdom of Thailand’s justice system is fair and just….a system that utilizes judicial, humanitarian, and compassionate philosophies in deliberating cases. While trying to disgrace and discredit Thailand’s judicial system around the world, Fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra uses that same judicial system to file lawsuits against others as well. He has now become the Kingdom’s most frequent plaintiff.
       We condemn Fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra and Mr. Hun Sen for dishonoring the Kingdom of Thailand’s judicial system. In doing so, both have also insulted the people of Thailand in the most shameful way and, for this, should never be forgiven.
       5. We declare that the Kingdom of Thailand and the Kingdom of Cambodia and its peoples remain friendly neighbors. We, therefore, call upon Mr. Hun Sen to cease his activities in conspiring with Fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra in turning Thailand into an enemy of Cambodia. Mr. Hun Sen should also immediately strengthen ties with Thailand and urgently act upon what is called for in Former King His Majesty Norodom Sihanu’s royal missive.
       6. Following in our ancestors footsteps, we, the people of Thailand, continue to be at peace with our neighbors and the world. We are dedicated to cooperating with the peoples and governments of nations around the world in protecting world peace, human rights, and the wellbeing of mankind.
       Our gathering today reflects a great deal about the current state of the Kingdom of Thailand. Our presence represents Thai citizens who remain devoted to protecting the honor and dignity of our nation, our King, and our constitutional monarchy as stipulated in the Kingdom of Thailand’s constitution.
       Declared to those present here and around the world…November 15, 2009 at Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand
       With Heartfelt Respect and Peace
       The People of Thailand
       Who remain loyal to our nation, our religion, and our monarchy"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fridge Magnets and Cozy Slippers

More products from Japan.

Fridge magnets. My favorite is the little kimono doll at the lower right corner.

Comfortable and cozy slippers

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Petaling Street

Jalan Petaling or Petaling street is in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown area. At night, this walking street is filled with stalls selling handbags, T-shirts, apparels, shoes, etc.

This is the famous stall selling longan drink, a local favorite: Air Mata Kucing.

Parallel to Petaling street, there is a small alley that connects to a food market. There, you can find local favorites, such as the curry noodle soup, the steamed fish cake (or yong tau fu), chee chiung fun (a type of white rice noodle), and the assam laksa (a sweet and sour noodle soup).

However, I still prefer the assam laksa at Jusco ^_^

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Through My Window

Telekom Malaysia Berhad ("TM") is brainwashing us with these repeated ads!!! I can't get these songs out of my head!!!

A talented Malaysian artist: Shila (pretty girl ^_^)
Song: Through My Window
Produced by: Shiroku Production
Directed by: Jay Sheldon
Youtube link: link

Promoting: TM (but sadly to say that their service needs improvement)

More talented Malaysian artists: Bunkface
Song: Through My Window (same song)
Youtube link: link

Promoting: TM

More of same song, again!!! TV commercial of TM.
Youtube link: link

I Don't want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone

In the blink of an eye, it's just another day
Telling me why, I'll find another way
Got this feeling, got me reeling
I can almost start believing
Now there's me and you, and we are not alone
You and me, we are together now
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real

Food Tasting for Wedding Dinner

We went for a dinner tasting at Tai Zi Heen restaurant at Prince Hotel, KL. The restaurant was named as Malaysia Tatler's Best Restaurant 2008. The restaurant serves Halal ^_^

Tai Zi Heen 2

Tai Zi Heen 1

The waiters were kind enough to bring the dishes on the table for me to take pictures before serving them on individual plates ^^.

Tai Zi Heen - Prince hotel
The groom-to-be and bride-to-be met up with the Chef after the dinner.

Tai Zi Heen food tasting


Chinese pancake with lotus paste

Tai Zi Heen 5

Chilled sea coconut with longan and lemon

Tai Zi Heen 3

Tai Zi Heen 4

Delicious, I would give this restaurant 4.8 out of 5 stars.

prince hotel 1

Friday, November 13, 2009

Love-Box Condoms

DH got this from his sisters as a birthday gift. It was meant as a silly joke, but it's not a bad idea after all... to put some humor in the gift giving at Christmas parties, etc.

The Love-Box collection has 3 series, different in designs with different condom types.
  • Funky Impression
  • Urban Freedom
  • Energetic Sensation

Photo credit:

Each tin contains 3 condoms.

The tins have nice designs and colors... I can just buy it for the container ^_^. Love-Box are available at Watson, Guardian, Cold Storage.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wedding Accessories Shop

Yesterday, I followed SIL to a Chinese wedding accessories shop near Petaling street.

Loh Tim Kee, 3-5 Lorong Pudu, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, behind Kota Raya Complex Car Park.


The seller acted as an adviser and provided SIL with a list items to be purchased by the bride's side and by the groom's side.

Wedding tea set

The shop also sells the traditional Chinese wedding dress/gown.