Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who Doesn't Know Russell Peters?

Russell Peters is a hilarious stand up comic and actor. Unlike other stand up comics, Russell knows how to make you laugh until your intestines scramble and your sides hurt. His jokes are so true and funny and most important, easy to understand for common people and people of different races. You really gotta watch his videos!!!

This is a Youtube link of his hilarious impersonation of an Indian buyer and a Chinese merchant. In this video he refers to Pacific Mall, it's a famous Chinese mall in the Toronto area:

In this video, Russell is talking about how immigrant parents in Canada discipline their kids:

He makes others jokes on African names, Italians, gay Indians, Bollywood, etc. You can find his jokes on Youtube. WATCH RUSSELL PETERS!!! Buy his DVDs, his tickets are always sold out.

As for Russell's background, he is a Canadian, of Anglo-Indian descent. He has won several awards, and his popularity extends to other countries as well. You can follow him on his official website , Facebook and Twitter account.

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