Friday, October 16, 2009

Lee Ji Ah vs. Linda Chung

DH used to like Linda Chung... actually many guys like Linda Chung, an actress in Hong Kong. Now, DH found a new imaginary girlfrieng, Lee Ji Ah, a Korean actress. DH doesn't want to go for the same girl as his other friends, so he said he now likes the new Lee Ji Ah, after following the famous Korean TV drama, Beethoven Virus.

Don't you think Lee Ji Ah and Linda Chung share similar features? It seems that DH likes to go for the same looks. I told him I'm flattered, because I look like them, muahahaha... I'm exaggerating. SIGH...

Other than the physical traits, these two speak fluent English. Linda grew up in Canada while Lee Ji Ah in USA.

Lee Ji Ah

Linda Chung

Me: Honey, do you have any favorites from Hollywood?
DH: Not really.
Me: Why not?
DH: The before to after make-up look is too drastic.
Me: ooooooohhhhh

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esther said...

so i wasn't the only one who thought they looked a like :D