Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Flatter your Boyish Figure

I used to be made fun of by my ex-coworkers ladies, because of my flat butt and flat bust. I am aware that don't have any curves at all. They gave me a nickname: "transvestite shape" ("hoon kratheuy"). It didn't bother me, but I should be smarter back then, tell them that a boyish shape is for runway models, and that we look great no matter what we wear!!!

Here are a few stylish tips that can help other boyish shapes dress up to create and accentuate the curves.

For the top part:

  • Cropped jackets: they come in different styles, as long as the jacket hits at your waistline. Believe me, it will help embellish the curves around the waistline. If you don't want to wear cropped jackets, wearing layers in different colors will do as well.
Spiegel at ShopStyle
  • Ruffled shirts, shirts with laces, etc.: these will give more volume to your bust.
For the bottom part:
  • Puff skirts, layered hem skirts, tulip shape and bell shape skirts: wearing these types of skirt will help camouflage a flat butt.
  • Pencil skirts: these skirts look great if you can match it with a top with bubble hems
  • Lean pants: go for low waist pants, which look nice for your lean legs. Choose one with back pockets, which will help flatter your rear.
Delia's at ShopStyle

  • A belt will give a nice silhouette, but try to avoid the huge belts.
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