Wednesday, October 21, 2009

G-Shock, G-Shock Mini and Baby-G Watches

For some time now, I've been wondering why DH is so into watches... especially his Casio G-Shock. I've done some simple research, on the official website, and was quite amazed at the shock resistance of these watches.

If you viewed the videos on the official website, the watches underwent the ice test, the hammer shock test, the vibration test, the piston shock test, the water resistance test, the drop shock test, and they still work properly. No wonder why soldiers like to wear the G-Shock. It's a light watch made from good quality materials, with smooth bands, and at affordable prices. A lot of guys actually collect many G-Shock models. The model names are unique and self descriptive, for example:
  • G-Shock Mudman, which can withstand tough and dirty environments;
  • G-Shock Gulfman, suitable for people who work or play in a wet environments;
  • G-Shock Riseman, which can measure altitude, atmospheric pressure and air temperature;
  • G-Shock Frogman, which is made especially for scuba diving. The Frogman is a high-end model of the G-Shock, and very sought after.
Another of Casio line, different from G-Shock, is the Casio Pathfinder (more expensive). It comes with a compass, an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer, and a tide graph. Casio Pathfinder is suitable for hiking, trekking, sailing and also scuba diving.

One of the great features of these Casio G-Shock and Pathfinder watches are the:
  • atomic timekeeping, which will pick up the time calibration signal and keep your watch at the accurate time;
  • solar powered, where the batteries are automatically recharged via solar panels on the face of the watch.
Personally I find that G-Shock are unisex... until they came with G-Shock Mini: Chic, Bold, and Fierce ( There's also Baby-G, targeting more for teens.

Back to the G-Shock story, DH couldn't make up his mind between a Mudman and a Riseman. Finally, after reading many reviews, he decided for a Mudman... mainly for the nice design.

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