Friday, October 30, 2009

F*** My Life

If you think you're unlucky or life is fooling you, read this website: FMyLife. This must be the funniest website. It contains real stories submitted by people like us. It's hilarious, unless it happens to you.

"Today, I was getting on a bus, the driver shut the door on me while I was half way inside. Instead of apologizing to me, he criticized me for getting in the way. FML"

"Today, I work as a cashier, and like always I asked the customer paying credit to sign the "sheet" of paper. I received a dirty look from one woman who apparently talked to the manager about me, saying I had asked her to sign the "shitty" paper. I have now been warned for "derogatory language." FML"

"Today, I had to get my license renewal picture taken and after the first go the woman said "It looks like your eyes are closed." I'm Asian. FML"

"Today, I heard my sister masturbating in her room. I took the dog around the block to get out of the house, and I came back to see her leaving her room... my electric toothbrush in her hand. FML"

"Today, I had a horribly realistic dream where I was being robbed and had to swallow my wedding ring to save it. After waking up, I realized my wedding ring is in fact gone. The doctor assures me that I will have it back in a day or two. FML"

The FMyLife book is now available!

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