Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Charcoal Face Wash

Last November, one week before the wedding, pimples started to appear on my forehead. I rarely had any problems with breakouts before, but this one looked serious. Pimples like to pop at the right time, don't they?

I told DH and he handed me this Mentholatum for men charcoal face wash.

DH: Use this face wash morning and night. It's a really good product!
Me: It's for men!
DH: I use it everyday! Trust me, it works!!!

I looked at his face... hmmm.. yeah, he has flawless skin. I gave it a try, and it worked! My pimples slowly disappeared.

After my skin returned to normal I stopped using it, simply because it's a man's product. Anyways, just to say that this products really helps fight breakouts! It's formulated with charcoal to absorb excess oil and clear dirt.

Funny how Mentholatum came to my rescue.

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