Monday, October 26, 2009

Canopy Walk at the FRIM

Finally, I went to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM). It's a 30 minutes drive away from the city.

If you're in the KL area, go there! It's a lifetime experience.

I was really excited, but when I got to the Canopy Walkway, I didn't expect to be 30 meters above ground: walking on narrow wooden planks held by polyester ropes, cables and nets.

FRIM canopy walk


As I was walking on the first plank (total 4 planks), I remembered that I have fear of heights, gladly not to the extent of acrophobia. The walkway was shaking and I didn't observe the trees and surroundings, but only where my feet were landing.



This is DH's foot. I was too chicken to take pictures on the walkway. It was easy for me to lose balance up there.
canopy walk

I then asked DH to walk before me, as it felt more comforting when there's someone ahead of you.

canopy walk 2

The Canopy Walkway closes at 2.30pm, and you have to reach there before 1.30pm. It takes about 30-40 minutes to walk from the One-Stop Center, where you buy your tickets for the Canopy Walkway. You can park your car near the One-Stop Center, near D zone.

What to bring:
  • good walking shoes
  • drinking water
  • insect repellent
  • face towel

Entrance fee (pay at the One-Stop Centre):
RM5 per car, including driver
RM1 per person, for additional visitors

Canopy Walkway fee (buy your ticket at the One-Stop Centre):
RM10 Adult (non-Malaysian)
RM5 Adult (local)
RM3 Student (13 years old and over)
RM1 Kids (7-12 years old)

Walking towards the canopy walkway:

500 meters more:

Hut entrance, where you'll get briefed by a staff:

Walking back:

Surrounded by tall trees:


FRIM also has picnic area, but there wasn't much to see there. There weren't enough picnic tables and chairs, so remember to bring a picnic cloth with you.

Update: you might want to try this foot bath after the hiking.


Chanaporn said...

looks so fun!!! another place to visit at KL!

Lily (aka Ly) said...

yeah, it was exciting, and we were sweating heavily. should definitely go there when you guys are here