Thursday, October 22, 2009

BlackBerry Cleaner

Recently, I've attended this conference and received a BlackBerry screen cleaner.

BlackBerry Cleaner 1
Proudly made in Canada.

How wonderful, I thought. I've always wanted a BB Bold, but need to work harder to afford myself one ^^ It's still on my wish list, though. Since this BlackBerry cleaner is made of microfiber and works well with any LCD screen, I've decided to put it to the test... on my Nikon D60 LCD screen. Sorry BB, I'm too impatient to try out your product!!

How it works:

BlackBerry Cleaner 2

  • Simply peel off the BlackBerry cleaner, and place it print side down on the LCD screen;
  • Wipe the screen until dirt, dust and oil are gone;
  • Stick the BlackBerry cleaner to the BlackBerry phone for use anytime.
Cool, it works really well! The LCD screen looks super clean. Mind you that I didn't stick the cleaner on the Nikon camera. I placed it back on the same packaging it came from. Some people clean their phone screen with their shirt and pants, before handing it over to their friend for use. But the screen doesn't look as clean.... it has some oil and dirt patches on it... ewww. Microfiber cloth works best to clean LCD screens. Anyways, if you have one BlackBerry Screen Cleaner, do use it!!! It's specially made with self adhesive, so you won't loose it. It stays with your BlackBerry and you can use it at all time.

Wonder why I'm so into BlackBerry? Because it's a Canadian product, and I'm proud of it!!! The BlackBerry is developed by a Canadian company called Research In Motion, or RIM. I'm being biased, enough with this nationalism. I've read reviews and the BlackBerry Bold wins over the iPhone 3G. Gloogle it. But now there's iPhone 3GS!!! BlackBerry, keep it up and don't let Apple win over you!!!

My non-Canadian friends also prefer BlackBerry. Yay! Since when this post is about BB vs. iPhone?

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