Thursday, October 8, 2009

Biogreen G Seasoning Powder

This is a continuity of a previous post about Pink Lady Oatmeal, from the Biogreen line, which I find has a good selection of interesting food products for a healthier lifestyle.

Below is the Biogreen's G Seasoning Powder. It's an alternative to those stock cube or bouillon cube or flavored seasoning cube, whatever you call them. The Biogreen G Seasoning Powder has no MSG, no preservatives, and no artificial flavor. It is made of mushroom, seaweed and vegetable extract. Only 1/2 teaspoon is what it takes to add flavor to your soup, vegetable dishes, and vegetarian dishes.

The ingredients are: shittake mushroom extract, kombu extract, vegetable protein, nutritional yeast, natural spice, sea salt.

I like to buy my Biogreen products at Jusco pharmacy, Wellness, usually during promotion periods such as J Card Day.

You can find other of their products on this website, as well as testimonials

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