Sunday, October 11, 2009

Banana Leaf Rice @ Nirvana Maju

If you're in the Bangsar area, the Nirvana Maju is a must try for banana leaf rice, a Southern Indian dish. The restaurant is always packed.



On the left side, it's deep fried bitter gourd.

You have a choice of 3 types of rice: white rice, Indian rice, and biryani rice (made from Basmati rice).


Then you chose the curry to top your rice: sambar, with an "R" (usually called dal in Malaysia), fish curry, and chicken curry.


Papadum to accompany your dish.


This dish is meant to be eaten with your hands... it tastes better. On the right side of the picture, you can see plain yogurt to mix it with your rice, and rasam, a sour salty soup that helps your bowel. I was told to let the soup decant, then drink the top portion only.


This is an Indian coffee, with fresh cow's milk. The coffee is quite strong.


Didn't get the chance to take a picture of how the Indian coffee looked like from the start. The milk is in the wider container (bottom), and the coffee and sugar is inside the smaller glass container (see picture below). Then you slowly lift the top glass, to allow the coffee and milk combine. Then mix the coffee again by transferring it from one container to the other, before drinking it.


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