Friday, October 30, 2009

F*** My Life

If you think you're unlucky or life is fooling you, read this website: FMyLife. This must be the funniest website. It contains real stories submitted by people like us. It's hilarious, unless it happens to you.

"Today, I was getting on a bus, the driver shut the door on me while I was half way inside. Instead of apologizing to me, he criticized me for getting in the way. FML"

"Today, I work as a cashier, and like always I asked the customer paying credit to sign the "sheet" of paper. I received a dirty look from one woman who apparently talked to the manager about me, saying I had asked her to sign the "shitty" paper. I have now been warned for "derogatory language." FML"

"Today, I had to get my license renewal picture taken and after the first go the woman said "It looks like your eyes are closed." I'm Asian. FML"

"Today, I heard my sister masturbating in her room. I took the dog around the block to get out of the house, and I came back to see her leaving her room... my electric toothbrush in her hand. FML"

"Today, I had a horribly realistic dream where I was being robbed and had to swallow my wedding ring to save it. After waking up, I realized my wedding ring is in fact gone. The doctor assures me that I will have it back in a day or two. FML"

The FMyLife book is now available!

Po Ling Chinese Temple

Po Ling Chinese Temple is located on Jalan Ampang, a distance walk from KLCC.

I passed by this temple every time I went to KLCC, but never had the chance to stop by. So on that particular day, I decided to visit the temple. The interior is magnificent.

Po Lin Temple, near 


Laughing Buddha at the entrance:


Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy:




Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jalan T.A.R.

Behind Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (or Jalan TAR), near Sogo department store.

Behind Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Jln TAR)

It was a weekend. You can find food stalls, and traditional Malay clothes stalls on this small street behind Jalan TAR.

It reminds me of the Pratunam market in Bangkok.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Old Hong Kong Kitchen

Right next to Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom, you'll see a Chinese restaurant called Old Hong Kong Kitchen (No.36, Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi, KL). The chef is from Hong Kong... trust me, his dishes are really delicious.

There's free parking in front of the restaurant.



The food is great, but I don't know why there aren't many customers there. The signatory dishes, I find, are the pork platter (BBQ pork and roasted pork that melt in your mouth), their Old Hong Kong Noodle, and real Hong Kong porridge.

This time, I ordered roasted belly pork instead of the pork platter. The pork skin is still very crispy.

Old Hong Kong Kitchen 2

This noodle dish is delicious!

Old Hong Kong Kitchen 3

Dim Sum discount at 20% off.

Old Hong Kong Kitchen 4

Beware! Like other restaurants, if they offer you an appetizer or Titbit at the beginning, you can simply refuse it. Otherwise, you'll be charged for it.

I like this Baked Char Siew Soo dish, it's part of the Dim Sum range.

Old Hong Kong Kitchen 1

Forgot to mention that since there weren't as many customers, the waitress poured tea for you after each sip. Opening hours are Mon-Sat 11am-3pm, and 6pm-12am; and Sunday & public holidays from 9am-3pmm, and 6pm-12am.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom

Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom is located on No.38, Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi (near Berjaya Times Square). Opening hours: 9am-6pm. You'll see many tourist buses and tourist vans around.


If you get a sticker upon entering, you can get a discount for your chocolate purchases.


I'm not sure what the tourists are doing behind the cow... I guess picture taking.


Potato chip chocolate... reminds me of Royce potato chip chocolate, so far one of my favorite chocolate brand. You can find Royce' Chocolate at Isetan KLCC 3rd floor, next to the Isetan market. Haha, sorry about this, nothing to do with Beryl's.


Beryl's exports their chocolate to Japan.


Further up the street there's another chocolate shop: Chocolate Gallery... Beryl's competitor?


Monday, October 26, 2009

Canopy Walk at the FRIM

Finally, I went to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM). It's a 30 minutes drive away from the city.

If you're in the KL area, go there! It's a lifetime experience.

I was really excited, but when I got to the Canopy Walkway, I didn't expect to be 30 meters above ground: walking on narrow wooden planks held by polyester ropes, cables and nets.

FRIM canopy walk


As I was walking on the first plank (total 4 planks), I remembered that I have fear of heights, gladly not to the extent of acrophobia. The walkway was shaking and I didn't observe the trees and surroundings, but only where my feet were landing.



This is DH's foot. I was too chicken to take pictures on the walkway. It was easy for me to lose balance up there.
canopy walk

I then asked DH to walk before me, as it felt more comforting when there's someone ahead of you.

canopy walk 2

The Canopy Walkway closes at 2.30pm, and you have to reach there before 1.30pm. It takes about 30-40 minutes to walk from the One-Stop Center, where you buy your tickets for the Canopy Walkway. You can park your car near the One-Stop Center, near D zone.

What to bring:
  • good walking shoes
  • drinking water
  • insect repellent
  • face towel

Entrance fee (pay at the One-Stop Centre):
RM5 per car, including driver
RM1 per person, for additional visitors

Canopy Walkway fee (buy your ticket at the One-Stop Centre):
RM10 Adult (non-Malaysian)
RM5 Adult (local)
RM3 Student (13 years old and over)
RM1 Kids (7-12 years old)

Walking towards the canopy walkway:

500 meters more:

Hut entrance, where you'll get briefed by a staff:

Walking back:

Surrounded by tall trees:


FRIM also has picnic area, but there wasn't much to see there. There weren't enough picnic tables and chairs, so remember to bring a picnic cloth with you.

Update: you might want to try this foot bath after the hiking.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who Doesn't Know Russell Peters?

Russell Peters is a hilarious stand up comic and actor. Unlike other stand up comics, Russell knows how to make you laugh until your intestines scramble and your sides hurt. His jokes are so true and funny and most important, easy to understand for common people and people of different races. You really gotta watch his videos!!!

This is a Youtube link of his hilarious impersonation of an Indian buyer and a Chinese merchant. In this video he refers to Pacific Mall, it's a famous Chinese mall in the Toronto area:

In this video, Russell is talking about how immigrant parents in Canada discipline their kids:

He makes others jokes on African names, Italians, gay Indians, Bollywood, etc. You can find his jokes on Youtube. WATCH RUSSELL PETERS!!! Buy his DVDs, his tickets are always sold out.

As for Russell's background, he is a Canadian, of Anglo-Indian descent. He has won several awards, and his popularity extends to other countries as well. You can follow him on his official website , Facebook and Twitter account.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thai Temple in KL

This morning, I went to a Thai temple in Kuala Lumpur. Wat Meh Liew Thai Buddhist Temple is located near the Titiwangsa MRT and LRT stations, just before the roundabout. Please scroll below for directions.

I find it amazing that in KL, other than mosques, Hindu temples, and Chinese temples, there is also a Thai Temple ^_^. I've been told that there's a 2nd Thai Temple in PJ, but I didn't visit there yet.

I've been told that this particular temple is sacred. Your prayers at the Four Faced Buddha are usually granted. If you go there to pray, I hope that your wishes will come true too ^_^.



Overlooking the entrance of the temple.


After the Titiwangsa station, keep the left lane.

Turn left when you see the Duke signboard after the pink mosque. Keep to your left and you'll see the entrance of the temple. On the right side of the temple is a mosque.

If you're traveling by car and missed the small road, don't worry, just keep to your left and turn left again when you see the Tawakal Hospital. The road will lead you back to Titiwangsa station.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Gel

Photo credit: Sephora

The Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Gel can be a lovely gift to yourself or your girlfriend. Although the gel is also a shampoo, I prefer to use it as a shower gel only. I love the unique and sweet scent that stays with your body after the shower. From my opinion, it's a lovely gift, and a must try!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

BlackBerry Cleaner

Recently, I've attended this conference and received a BlackBerry screen cleaner.

BlackBerry Cleaner 1
Proudly made in Canada.

How wonderful, I thought. I've always wanted a BB Bold, but need to work harder to afford myself one ^^ It's still on my wish list, though. Since this BlackBerry cleaner is made of microfiber and works well with any LCD screen, I've decided to put it to the test... on my Nikon D60 LCD screen. Sorry BB, I'm too impatient to try out your product!!

How it works:

BlackBerry Cleaner 2

  • Simply peel off the BlackBerry cleaner, and place it print side down on the LCD screen;
  • Wipe the screen until dirt, dust and oil are gone;
  • Stick the BlackBerry cleaner to the BlackBerry phone for use anytime.
Cool, it works really well! The LCD screen looks super clean. Mind you that I didn't stick the cleaner on the Nikon camera. I placed it back on the same packaging it came from. Some people clean their phone screen with their shirt and pants, before handing it over to their friend for use. But the screen doesn't look as clean.... it has some oil and dirt patches on it... ewww. Microfiber cloth works best to clean LCD screens. Anyways, if you have one BlackBerry Screen Cleaner, do use it!!! It's specially made with self adhesive, so you won't loose it. It stays with your BlackBerry and you can use it at all time.

Wonder why I'm so into BlackBerry? Because it's a Canadian product, and I'm proud of it!!! The BlackBerry is developed by a Canadian company called Research In Motion, or RIM. I'm being biased, enough with this nationalism. I've read reviews and the BlackBerry Bold wins over the iPhone 3G. Gloogle it. But now there's iPhone 3GS!!! BlackBerry, keep it up and don't let Apple win over you!!!

My non-Canadian friends also prefer BlackBerry. Yay! Since when this post is about BB vs. iPhone?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

G-Shock, G-Shock Mini and Baby-G Watches

For some time now, I've been wondering why DH is so into watches... especially his Casio G-Shock. I've done some simple research, on the official website, and was quite amazed at the shock resistance of these watches.

If you viewed the videos on the official website, the watches underwent the ice test, the hammer shock test, the vibration test, the piston shock test, the water resistance test, the drop shock test, and they still work properly. No wonder why soldiers like to wear the G-Shock. It's a light watch made from good quality materials, with smooth bands, and at affordable prices. A lot of guys actually collect many G-Shock models. The model names are unique and self descriptive, for example:
  • G-Shock Mudman, which can withstand tough and dirty environments;
  • G-Shock Gulfman, suitable for people who work or play in a wet environments;
  • G-Shock Riseman, which can measure altitude, atmospheric pressure and air temperature;
  • G-Shock Frogman, which is made especially for scuba diving. The Frogman is a high-end model of the G-Shock, and very sought after.
Another of Casio line, different from G-Shock, is the Casio Pathfinder (more expensive). It comes with a compass, an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer, and a tide graph. Casio Pathfinder is suitable for hiking, trekking, sailing and also scuba diving.

One of the great features of these Casio G-Shock and Pathfinder watches are the:
  • atomic timekeeping, which will pick up the time calibration signal and keep your watch at the accurate time;
  • solar powered, where the batteries are automatically recharged via solar panels on the face of the watch.
Personally I find that G-Shock are unisex... until they came with G-Shock Mini: Chic, Bold, and Fierce ( There's also Baby-G, targeting more for teens.

Back to the G-Shock story, DH couldn't make up his mind between a Mudman and a Riseman. Finally, after reading many reviews, he decided for a Mudman... mainly for the nice design.

Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Flatter your Boyish Figure

I used to be made fun of by my ex-coworkers ladies, because of my flat butt and flat bust. I am aware that don't have any curves at all. They gave me a nickname: "transvestite shape" ("hoon kratheuy"). It didn't bother me, but I should be smarter back then, tell them that a boyish shape is for runway models, and that we look great no matter what we wear!!!

Here are a few stylish tips that can help other boyish shapes dress up to create and accentuate the curves.

For the top part:

  • Cropped jackets: they come in different styles, as long as the jacket hits at your waistline. Believe me, it will help embellish the curves around the waistline. If you don't want to wear cropped jackets, wearing layers in different colors will do as well.
Spiegel at ShopStyle
  • Ruffled shirts, shirts with laces, etc.: these will give more volume to your bust.
For the bottom part:
  • Puff skirts, layered hem skirts, tulip shape and bell shape skirts: wearing these types of skirt will help camouflage a flat butt.
  • Pencil skirts: these skirts look great if you can match it with a top with bubble hems
  • Lean pants: go for low waist pants, which look nice for your lean legs. Choose one with back pockets, which will help flatter your rear.
Delia's at ShopStyle

  • A belt will give a nice silhouette, but try to avoid the huge belts.
If you like this post, you might also like this previous post from September 2009: Basic Wardrobe Essentials

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lee Ji Ah vs. Linda Chung

DH used to like Linda Chung... actually many guys like Linda Chung, an actress in Hong Kong. Now, DH found a new imaginary girlfrieng, Lee Ji Ah, a Korean actress. DH doesn't want to go for the same girl as his other friends, so he said he now likes the new Lee Ji Ah, after following the famous Korean TV drama, Beethoven Virus.

Don't you think Lee Ji Ah and Linda Chung share similar features? It seems that DH likes to go for the same looks. I told him I'm flattered, because I look like them, muahahaha... I'm exaggerating. SIGH...

Other than the physical traits, these two speak fluent English. Linda grew up in Canada while Lee Ji Ah in USA.

Lee Ji Ah

Linda Chung

Me: Honey, do you have any favorites from Hollywood?
DH: Not really.
Me: Why not?
DH: The before to after make-up look is too drastic.
Me: ooooooohhhhh