Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I find hard to get in Malaysia

What I find hard to get in Malaysia:

1. Good orange juice: I miss the Tropicana orange juice and the Oasis orange juice!

2. A normal size hamburger, e.g. the Malaysian McChicken, and Whopper Jr are incredibly small!!!

3. Jergens moisturizer: There are so limited lines of body moisturizers, I can only see Nivea.

4. G-string pads

5. Bagels (I miss bagels!)

6. People with sincere hearts (that's my DH's comment)

I don't want to be unfair to Malaysia. Here's what you can find in abundance there:

1. Palm oil

2. Proton cars

3. Chocolate

4. Milo

5. Great up to date English TV series and reality shows (on unpaid normal cable TV)

6. English speaking Malaysians

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