Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two Faced Shadow Insurance

This is another favorite product of mine, the Shadow Insurance from Two Faced. This eye primer makes your eyeshadow colors stand out and keeps them longer during the day. It makes your eyeliner pencil drawing easier as well... it glides nicely. It also prevents your eyeliner from smudging and creasing. 

With your ring finger, apply just one tiny drop on your eyelid before applying your eyeliner or eyeshadow. I like to use my ring fingers when applying creams around my eyes, because it's a delicate area. I try not to put too much pressure with my fingers around my eyes.

Below is my forearm... I've applied the primer on the left side, none on the right. I used the exact same eyeshadow color, in this picture, I used the Everyday Mineral eyeshadow color Laptop... do you see the difference?

This Two Faced Shadow Insurance also contains formula especially for your eyelids, such as Vitamin E, anti-aging and antioxidants moisturizer. I bought mine from Sephora.

This is the color of the EDM, Laptop color mineral eyeshadow.


Chanaporn said...

Which one gives the exact color ka? The one with the eye primer???

Lily (aka Ly) said...

Yeaps, the one with the eye primer shows a truer color.

Before I bought it, I read reviews between Two Faced vs Urban Decay Primer Potion. I opted for Two Faced because it makes colors easier to blend. Blending is the key word for a very nice eyeshadow application.

There are other brands of eyeshadow base, such as L'Oreal De-Crease, which is about half price of either TF and UDPP ^O^... so I'll definitely buy and try it out after I finish my Two Faced ^^