Saturday, September 12, 2009

Skin Food - Review

Looks like an Anna Sui mirror doesn't it? I got it when I was first introduced to Skin Food products about a year ago. Below is a quick review of the Skin Food products I have used, which one works and which one didn't work out.

I got a Black Sugar Mask, which I'm currently using for my T-zone area only... I repeat T-zone only, as I find it too rough for my non-T-zone face skin area. I like to use it on my nose every 2-3 days, as an exfoliator to get rid of the infamous blackheads.

Below is the Peach Sake set: the toner, the pore serum and the sunscreen lotion. The Peach Sake set has a very lovely peach smell. When I first started using the Peach Sake toner and Peach Sake pore serum, I was truly amazed at the smooth effect it left on my skin, and at how it made my blackheads on my nose appear less visible. I thought that I finally found the right product... but as I continued using them, my skin began to dry out and flake. So, I stopped about a quarter way through the bottles... because I didn't want my skin to peel further, ouch! I guess the ingredients are too strong and too rough for my sensitive skin.

Although I'm happy I got the mirror, I do not recommend you this set if you have sensitive skin.

For the sunscreen, it is too greasy for my skin type...
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Chanaporn said...

Seems like Skinfood doesnt suite you na ka :)

Lily (aka Ly) said...

maybe I should go for Skin Food set for sensitive skin instead ^^ have you tried any of Skin Food products, and which ones you prefer?

Skinfood Canada said...

I think Lettuce&Cucumberline good for sensitive skin.I used Peah Sake Pore Serum and I love it.Good for really oily skin.

Lily (aka Ly) said...

Hi Nim (Skinfood Canada), thanks so much for your suggestion!! You're perfectly right: must know skin type first before selecting the product line that works best ^^