Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Roti Canai and Bollywood Dance Scenes

During my stay in Malaysia, I get to meet Indian friends, and eat Indian food, such as roti canai (pronounced "chanai") and curry dishes. One of my favorites is at Ambigai Restaurant at Mutiara Complex (the complex is famous for the Digicolor photography shop on 2nd floor, if you're a photography fan).

I like their curry fish ^^ mmm... and the paratha dough is so delicious!

Unlike Thai curry dishes in which coconut milk is added, Indian curry dishes sometimes replace coconut milk with either plain water, or yogurt... which I find, is a healthier choice.

I never thought I can like Indian food, until DH introduced it to me. He said he can go vegan for the rest of his life with only Indian food. I agree with DH, Indian food tastes delicious!!! I would say that I definitely prefer it over Chinese food, even more so over Chinese vegetarian food, where they fake duck meat and pork meat out of protein dough, which I find illogical for Chinese vegetarians!!!

Oh, by the way, have you ever wondered why there are so many dancing scenes in Bollywood movies? My Indian friend answers, "They replace the sex scenes!"... awhhhh... that makes sense!

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