Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mooncake - Part 2

I noticed that a lot of visitors viewed my previous topic on mooncake (see Part 1). So why not show you some interesting and different mooncake designs I've discovered in Malaysia. It's "new" for me, because I'm not local (^.^)... so I find them quite interesting. You might also like the most recent posts from year 2010: Mandarin Oriental mooncake packaging, Snow skin green tea mooncake, and Johor style mooncake. Enjoy!

The first one is called Shanghai mooncake.

The filling is lotus with egg yolk.

I bought this Shanghai mooncake at the Setapak Teochew Restaurant. It's very very sweet... according to my taste. I still prefer the Shanghai mooncake from Overseas Restaurant ^^. Sorry don't have a picture for you... but the shape is similar.

This is a Teochew style pastry baked by the Setapak Teochew Restaurant. It looks very much like a different type of moon cake, doesn't it?

They named the filling yam... it's a sweet taro paste with egg yolk. There's also a fried shallot fragrance.

This is the most famous pastry from the same restaurant. They have different fillings, but the most popular one is pure green bean.

I've read good reviews about this restaurant, so I decided try out their dishes and pastries. Their fish balls and noodles are homemade.

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