Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Fold your Shirt and Organise your Dresser Drawers

Finally, my dresser drawers are organised! This is DH's dresser drawer with his T-shirts nicely folded and arranged by color. This method helps you save a lot of space in your drawer, and allows you to quickly select the shirt you want to wear.

The how to fold your shirts and how to organise your drawers and closet, etc. can be viewed on Youtube (my favorite is Howdini) as well as in some Japanese fashion magazines, depending on the issues (my favorite fashion publications are "MORE" and "WITH", see below for cover picture).

The folding concept is basically to get the same width for all shirts, and the same depth for every shirt, by taking the neckline edges as your point of reference to create a rectangular.

With this concept of creating a rectangular shape, you can now easily fold your tank tops, underwear, thongs, socks etc. and organise them in a neat way. You can also get dividers and trays to separate your drawer.

If you want to store your folded clothes on your closet shelves (instead of drawer or plastic box), I would suggest you fold them in tier rather than as above picture. It will be less bulky.

Here's the cover page of MORE. This heavy magazine has a lot of neat fashion ideas, hairstyles, bags, boots, as well as how to, do's and don't, etc. I find the magazine too expensive to buy ;(, it's RM40 in Malaysia, and THB390 in Thailand. If you happen to transit in or visit Japan, it's a good buy. In KL, there's a magazine shop at Cineleisure, near the Curve, where you can get the back date issues for much cheaper and more affordable price.

I like their mix and match pages, where you can get different looks from the same garment.

This is the how to makeup pages, before and after.

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