Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cameron Highlands Trip

A while back, I visited Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. It's a must visit place, the amazing scenery will bring your eyes to awe.

This is the fabulous scenery I saw while driving towards Boh Tea plantation. Remember to bring a sweater because it's very cool up there! It's also humid and can be quite windy at times.

There are golf course and hiking trails. Jim Thompson came to Cameron Highlands on numerous occasions for hiking, before he was last seen.

There are many tea plantations in Cameron Highlands, but my favorite is the Boh tea plantation, because of the upper deck view.

Tada! We're here! Inside the Boh Tea Centre, there's a small shop filled with Boh Tea products. Their packaging is quite nice and it makes a nice gift for your family and friends. I cannot find some of their products in KL, so I made sure I bought some back.

If you're lucky, you can grab a seat on the balcony, while sipping a hot cup of tea. I was inside because it was a cold day!!!

We ordered fresh Boh tea with a slice of chocolate fudge cake.

On that day, I toured the Boh tea "museum".

This is an old scale used to weigh the tea leaves.

On the second day, I went to Tanah Rata town... a very small town in Cameron Highlands.


I went to T-Cafe to try out their famous scones and apple pie. Delicious! It's a must try if you come to Cameron Highlands. Haha, forgot to take a picture of their scones.

The steamboat is also another must try if you visit the Cameron Highlands. The vegetables are so fresh, and the hot soup warms you up.


If you wonder why the veggies are so fresh... that's because there are lots of veggie farms up here.


Before we headed back to KL, we dropped by Multicrops Central Market to buy some fruit jams, dried fruits, and plants.




How to get to Cameron Highlands? There are two ways: the new road via Simpang Pulai, which is further and with wider roads, and the old road via Tapah, which is more winding but faster. The first route we took was Simpang Pulai and on the way back we took Tapah. It took us about 4 hours drive from KL to Cameron Highlands (yeah, we're quite slow). If you're in a group and thinking of renting a van to get there, the cost is about RM800 round trip (if I remember).


Anjurasu said...

I would like to ask the name of the tea, How can I find it in Latin America, for example there are many companies that sell green tea, But I want to know the name of that red tea... The plant to be exactly. I hope you can Help me, thank you for your attention to my message.

Ketchup said...

I just ordered the normal tea from Boh plantation, so I guess it's called "Boh tea".