Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blythe Dolls

When I first saw Blythe Dolls, I find them cute, especially with their oversize head, huge eyes and long lashes, which can be changed. They are very popular in Japan and Thailand, with Blythe forum, Blythe shop, Blythe events, etc. Some fans like to bring along their dolls when they travel and take pictures of them in different fashionable doll clothes and settings. Blythe Dolls are also being used in marketing to boost sale for Brand's Veta Prune Essence in Thailand.

I told DH about it, but he replied that he doesn't like dolls because he feels that they can be haunted! So creepy!!! I read about haunted dolls, but I don't know why spirits tend to easily get attached to, or live inside dolls. I also read that you should not throw away haunted dolls, but should rather sell them, even for $0.99. Ebay has several haunted dolls for sale... for the paranormal collectors.

Don't get me wrong here, but now I don't feel like getting a Blythe Doll anymore -_-. It's just another trend that will soon wear off. Pikachu rocks!!!

Anyways, if you're still interested, you can get your Blythe Dolls at They have outlets at Time Square 7th floor, Mid Valley Megamall 1st floor, and Ampang.

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