Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be Careful!!! Purse Snatch and Theft Prevention

Countless times, I've heard friends and in-laws encountered thefts and purse snatchers in Kuala Lumpur... in only a span of 8 months. I've recently moved to Malaysia, but I've stayed in other countries before, where I have friends and relatives, most of them independent working women living in their own, but no persons close to me have had any problems like what I'm seeing in Malaysia. Honestly speaking I don't feel safe in Malaysia anymore.

The crime happened two times at the same house this year. The incident happened yesterday at around 6.30pm in front of MIL house. The thieves broke the front passenger's seat window with a punch and grabbed the handbags of  MIL and SIL while they were waiting inside the car for the house gate to open. Everything happened very fast, and SIL ended up with some bruises on her wrists. What frustrates me the most is that the police did not even care to view the CCTV that was installed in front of the house a few months back after the first incident occurred. In Canada, the video clips are broadcast on TV during advertising hours by the Canadian police asking the public for any information on the suspects.

On top of all of this, from the CCTV video of yesterday, you can see that while all of this is happening, two pedestrians were walking by and one car drove by without doing anything!!!

Here is a list of precautions to take to reduce your risks as an easy target:

- Always be alert and be aware of your surroundings!
- If you're traveling in a vehicle, place your handbags under the seats!!!
- Don't place your handbag strap around your neck or wrist, as this will only increase your chances for injuries;
- Carry your keys separate from your handbag;
- Never label your keys with your name and address;
- Place a few dollars inside your purse, but have your credit cards, identification cards carried separately in your pocket;
- Bring only what you need... i.e. no extra currency, no bank books!!!


Chanaporn said...

OMG!!! It happened again!!!... and during the time to get in or go out of the house!!!

The police should look at this seriously this time... how come they didn't even look at the CCTV!!!

I believe the thief might have agreement with the police??? It seems like they feel so comfortable to commit crime even though your MIL already installed the CCTV!!!

One question, did it happen during raining again? or at night or during daytime?

I only can think of one thing i'm not sure whether it could help. Since police cannot do anything, do they mind having some dogs at the house?

Lily (aka Ly) said...

yeaps, it rained that day, but stopped in the evening, and it was still daylight because it happened at around 6.30pm.

Yesterday, DH wrote to the MP of the district and will be meeting him and will give him the CCTV tape.

About the dog, they actually have one!!! But they never let it loose because they don't want the dog to bite the plants.

Olga/John said...

An attempted purse snatching actually happened to me about three months ago. I was walking to my car across a parking lot after withdrawing money from a bank ATM. A motorcycle approached me from the rear and the passenger on the bike grabbed my purse. Luckily my purse has a short, flat strap and although he pulled me to the ground he didn't managed to keep hold of the bag.

I happened to be carrying a big golf umbrella as it had rained and I scrambled to my feet, The motor cycle stopped and the passenger got off and started towards me. I yelled a few nasty words at him and threatened him with the umbrella. He then got back on the bike and they pulled away.

I was very lucky and I wonder how the robber felt knowing that he had been thwarted by a 70 year old woman. This happened in Kulai in Johor and not in JB or KL.

Lily (aka Ly) said...

Dear Olga/John,
You are a very brave woman. It's a shame that they would attempt to steal from seniors, and surprisingly the police can't do anything to protect the civilians.
Take care Olga/John.