Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Salt Rock Lamp

MIL gave us a salt rock lamp. It supposedly creates negative ions, which are known to clean and refresh the air in your room. I put it on the bedside table, and turn it on only at night... I use it as a nightlight, due to its warmth orange color tone.

Update on 14 Feb. 2010: I moved the salt rock lamp out the bedroom, just to be safe... supposedly, it can be harmful for people with hypertension (high blood pressure)... hmmm..., from what I heard and read.

Try to avoid the salt rock lamp from direct sunlight because the salt can melt and create a white grainy residue on the table.

With lights on...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Capitalism A Love Story

My favorite film maker, Michael Moore, is back!!! Can't wait to watch his movie documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story.

Eubos Handcream - Review


For the past several months, I've been doing extensive house chores. Unfortunately, sometimes I was too lazy to wear gloves, especially in the kitchen, for convenience purpose. My hands became dryer, especially on the fingertips. They don't feel as soft anymore.

SIL, a pharmacist, recommended me Eubos, a product from Germany. It's a hand cream that won several best buy awards. It worked instantly for me. After the first application, my hands feel softer and the dry cracks disappeared. Yes, after only one application you can see and feel the difference. The cream doesn't leave your skin oily after application. This product is quite remarkable.

You can get it at Guardian and Watson.

What I find hard to get in Malaysia

What I find hard to get in Malaysia:

1. Good orange juice: I miss the Tropicana orange juice and the Oasis orange juice!

2. A normal size hamburger, e.g. the Malaysian McChicken, and Whopper Jr are incredibly small!!!

3. Jergens moisturizer: There are so limited lines of body moisturizers, I can only see Nivea.

4. G-string pads

5. Bagels (I miss bagels!)

6. People with sincere hearts (that's my DH's comment)

I don't want to be unfair to Malaysia. Here's what you can find in abundance there:

1. Palm oil

2. Proton cars

3. Chocolate

4. Milo

5. Great up to date English TV series and reality shows (on unpaid normal cable TV)

6. English speaking Malaysians

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunway Pyramid

I went for a little trip to Sunway Pyramid, a special shopping mall in Bandar Sunway, PJ. We took the Federal Highway. If you're taking public transportatin, you can get there by exiting the Subang Jaya Station or the Kelana Jaya Station, then catch the feeder bus to the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.

From inside the car, we can see the sphinx head, and the pyramid.

The front entry is decorated with the Egyptian theme.

sunway pyramid 3

sunway pyramid 2

Do you notice the torches?

sunway pyramid 1

What I find interesting about this shopping mall is the smart parking sensor they have installed in each parking bay. You can find parking faster if you can spot the green light, denoting available parking space.

Can you spot the green light, on the left side?

sunway pyramid 5

sunway pyramid 4

There's a Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, outdoor, and an ice rink, indoor.

In this trip, I was experimenting with two different cameras... will explain to you about it in my later posts.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Open a Difficult Jar

This is a tip I got from my Mom ^^

All you need is a thick rubber band, width of at least 0.5 inch.

Wrap it snugly around your jar lid, just like this. Then with your hand, twist the jar lid open, and voilĂ !

Glass Jars Collection

I prefer using glass over plastic containers. I've gotten into the habit of not throwing away the glass jars after use. I like to fill them with beans, and other kitchen ingredients. Just another way of recycling.

I also like keeping my filtered water in glass bottles rather than plastic bottles.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The SartoriaList

The SartoriaList, I LOVE this blog!!! Who says fashion is only for runway models? Check out what real people are wearing on the streets of New York, Milan, Paris, and so forth.

This fashion blog was created by Scott Schuman, selected as Time Magazine's Top 100 Design Influencers. He merged his passions for fashion and photography, and posts the pictures he took of real people's fashion on his blog. I like his comments.

Another website you might like is Celeb Style. You can get some style ideas from what the celebs are wearing. You can also create your look from the virtual mannequins in your look book.

Style, the online home of Vogue, is another good fashion reference website.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foot Bath and Shiatsu

Yesterday night, I made a foot bath for DH after he got out of his shower. He complained of calf pain on his left leg and couldn't walk properly the whole afternoon, so I decided to include something extra for him before he went to bed, Shiatsu (if you're not familiar with Shiatsu, scroll down below to see explanation).

Foot Bath - DIY

This is a very easy herbal foot bath anyone can do at home. It's cheap and good for relieving fatigue and arthritis, sooth rough skin, remove odor, etc.

This is what you need:

. Hot water (hot enough to keep your feet soaked in the water for 15-20 minutes);
. Foot basin, or a bucket, wide enough to put your 2 feet in;

. Dried citrus peel (1-2 handfuls);

. Coarse salt (1 tbsp).

Mix all ingredients together in the bucket, before you soak your feet. Remember that the hot water should be above your ankles.

This is DH's feet.

After the foot bath, you'll feel that your feet is softer and lighter.


Shiatsu originated from ancient Japan. It is sometimes called acupressure, because you apply pressure with your thumb or fingers to massage the body's energy meridians to remove tension from your muscles.

If you want to know more about Shiatsu, I suggest you read about it. Many years ago, I bought this book from the US, it's called 60 Second Shiatzu, by Eva Shaw. It's a good book. As you can see, this is an old version, I guess by now they changed the book cover with the new edition.

This morning, I asked DH if he's feeling any pain on his calf, he said it's gone. I'm glad it worked out =^^=.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cameron Highlands Trip

A while back, I visited Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. It's a must visit place, the amazing scenery will bring your eyes to awe.

This is the fabulous scenery I saw while driving towards Boh Tea plantation. Remember to bring a sweater because it's very cool up there! It's also humid and can be quite windy at times.

There are golf course and hiking trails. Jim Thompson came to Cameron Highlands on numerous occasions for hiking, before he was last seen.

There are many tea plantations in Cameron Highlands, but my favorite is the Boh tea plantation, because of the upper deck view.

Tada! We're here! Inside the Boh Tea Centre, there's a small shop filled with Boh Tea products. Their packaging is quite nice and it makes a nice gift for your family and friends. I cannot find some of their products in KL, so I made sure I bought some back.

If you're lucky, you can grab a seat on the balcony, while sipping a hot cup of tea. I was inside because it was a cold day!!!

We ordered fresh Boh tea with a slice of chocolate fudge cake.

On that day, I toured the Boh tea "museum".

This is an old scale used to weigh the tea leaves.

On the second day, I went to Tanah Rata town... a very small town in Cameron Highlands.


I went to T-Cafe to try out their famous scones and apple pie. Delicious! It's a must try if you come to Cameron Highlands. Haha, forgot to take a picture of their scones.

The steamboat is also another must try if you visit the Cameron Highlands. The vegetables are so fresh, and the hot soup warms you up.


If you wonder why the veggies are so fresh... that's because there are lots of veggie farms up here.


Before we headed back to KL, we dropped by Multicrops Central Market to buy some fruit jams, dried fruits, and plants.




How to get to Cameron Highlands? There are two ways: the new road via Simpang Pulai, which is further and with wider roads, and the old road via Tapah, which is more winding but faster. The first route we took was Simpang Pulai and on the way back we took Tapah. It took us about 4 hours drive from KL to Cameron Highlands (yeah, we're quite slow). If you're in a group and thinking of renting a van to get there, the cost is about RM800 round trip (if I remember).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Roti Canai and Bollywood Dance Scenes

During my stay in Malaysia, I get to meet Indian friends, and eat Indian food, such as roti canai (pronounced "chanai") and curry dishes. One of my favorites is at Ambigai Restaurant at Mutiara Complex (the complex is famous for the Digicolor photography shop on 2nd floor, if you're a photography fan).

I like their curry fish ^^ mmm... and the paratha dough is so delicious!

Unlike Thai curry dishes in which coconut milk is added, Indian curry dishes sometimes replace coconut milk with either plain water, or yogurt... which I find, is a healthier choice.

I never thought I can like Indian food, until DH introduced it to me. He said he can go vegan for the rest of his life with only Indian food. I agree with DH, Indian food tastes delicious!!! I would say that I definitely prefer it over Chinese food, even more so over Chinese vegetarian food, where they fake duck meat and pork meat out of protein dough, which I find illogical for Chinese vegetarians!!!

Oh, by the way, have you ever wondered why there are so many dancing scenes in Bollywood movies? My Indian friend answers, "They replace the sex scenes!"... awhhhh... that makes sense!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

White Coffee

I haven't heard about white coffee until I came to Malaysia. The Malaysian Ipoh white coffee is actually your regular coffee beans, roasted in margarine. The name white coffee is usually associated with Ipoh because it is the place where it was originated.

When I went to Penang three years ago, I bought the Ghee Hiang Pure White Coffee. Compared to other brands of white coffee I've tried in Malaysia, Ghee Hiang Pure White Coffee has a nice soft flavor, although the caffeine is really strong... keeps you awake for hours!!! My foreign friends like it a lot.

Ghee Hiang is well known for their sesame oil, and the Tau Sar Pneah (Chinese biscuit with green bean filling). I couldn't find their White Coffee and biscuit in KL though.

This is the traditional coffee cup and saucer set Chinese Malaysian like to use for their coffee.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Basic Wardrobe Essentials

Here are the basic essentials for any woman's wardrobe.

*** The pictures are posted to give you an idea, please disregard the prices and brands. ***

I'll start off with the basic accessories.

1. Black belt: don't wear pants or jeans without a belt! Even if your outfit looks great, your style will be missing "something" if you don't have a belt.

2. A nice handbag: it can the color of your choice. Invest in at least one very nice handbag.

3. A watch: a nice one doesn't have to be expensive, and it doesn't have to be a brand name one.

4. Pearl necklace: this is my personal favorite classic element. It can be worn in different lengths and for either formal or non-formal occasions.

5. Oopps, almost forgot, a nice pair of sunglasses adds a big difference. Usually I won't recommend expensive ones, because you can lose it easily. Winners has a good selections of sunglasses.

For the below must have wardrobe, I suggest you invest in good quality ones, because these classics won't wear out. Choose the type that fits your body and looks flattering on you.

Basic must haves

1. Black pants
2. Jeans
3. Capri

4. White blouse
5. White T-shirt

6. Black dress

7. Trench coat (any length)

8. Black pump

From the basic essentials, you can slowly build up your wardrobe by buying additional pieces of different colors and styles. Remember to mix and match your pieces to create different new looks.

Below are simple examples of the mix and match game you can play around with your wardrobe elements.

Kathy Van Zeeland at ShopStyle

Ann Taylor Loft at ShopStyle

Have fun shopping gals! And remember to shop smartly!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Fold your Shirt and Organise your Dresser Drawers

Finally, my dresser drawers are organised! This is DH's dresser drawer with his T-shirts nicely folded and arranged by color. This method helps you save a lot of space in your drawer, and allows you to quickly select the shirt you want to wear.

The how to fold your shirts and how to organise your drawers and closet, etc. can be viewed on Youtube (my favorite is Howdini) as well as in some Japanese fashion magazines, depending on the issues (my favorite fashion publications are "MORE" and "WITH", see below for cover picture).

The folding concept is basically to get the same width for all shirts, and the same depth for every shirt, by taking the neckline edges as your point of reference to create a rectangular.

With this concept of creating a rectangular shape, you can now easily fold your tank tops, underwear, thongs, socks etc. and organise them in a neat way. You can also get dividers and trays to separate your drawer.

If you want to store your folded clothes on your closet shelves (instead of drawer or plastic box), I would suggest you fold them in tier rather than as above picture. It will be less bulky.

Here's the cover page of MORE. This heavy magazine has a lot of neat fashion ideas, hairstyles, bags, boots, as well as how to, do's and don't, etc. I find the magazine too expensive to buy ;(, it's RM40 in Malaysia, and THB390 in Thailand. If you happen to transit in or visit Japan, it's a good buy. In KL, there's a magazine shop at Cineleisure, near the Curve, where you can get the back date issues for much cheaper and more affordable price.

I like their mix and match pages, where you can get different looks from the same garment.

This is the how to makeup pages, before and after.

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