Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's Your Favorite Perfume?

A few years ago, I attended a dinner function and was sitting next to a pretty working woman. We were chatting casually, and I just loved the perfume she was wearing. It was a sweet fresh scent that makes you remember that person. Until now, I much regret that I did not ask her which perfume she was using T T

Nonetheless, here is a list of my favorite perfumes. The first one I own and like most is Incanto Dream by Salvatore Ferragamo. It was suggested to me by a nice gentleman staff at the perfume counter in 2005. Incanto Dream has this fresh, fruity and floral scent. It's my favorite.

I like the Salvatore Ferragamo line a lot, so I couldn't resist when they launched the Incanto Charm. Charm has a warm and very sweet scent. I introduced the line to one of my girlfriends (who used to prefer cologne over perfume), and we finally bought it together during our trip to Hong Kong in 2007, the greatest place to shop.

Each perfume bottle has a story behind ^^. In 2009, I went to the Estee Lauder sale with my fun & forever happy girlfriends gang and one of them was avidly looking for the Delicious Green Apple. She told me that it's the best perfume and even better than the Red Delicious. The staff at the counter said that it was all sold out, but was kind enough to show us the Be Delicious Green Apple shower gel and 1 perfume stick (the only one left). So it was out of luck and kindness from my girlfriend that I got the DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple for a great price ^^ It has this fresh and energetic scent, a favorite for many!

This last perfume, I do not own it... yet. It was introduced to me by another of my fun & forever happy friend. It's the DIOR Miss Cherie perfume. They have three different fragrance: the perfume, the eau de toilette and the cologne. I prefer the fresh green cologne smell, but others might prefer the sweet pinkish perfume smell, which has a sweet girly scent. Couldn't stop smelling it.


Chanaporn said...

Mine's absolutely the DKNY green apple ka :)

Lily (aka Ly) said...

Deeeelicious!!! ^o^