Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What to buy in Malaysia

If you're visiting from Thailand, or elsewhere, and wondering what to buy in Malaysia, here is a non limited list for you:

Brand name skincare products
I notice that some brand name skincare products are sold at a good price, here in Kuala Lumpur shopping malls, as compared to Bangkok, and even to King Power Duty Free shop.

Krispy Kreme
For more information on the whereabouts, see my blog: Krispy Kreme

Dates and figs
Dates and figs are also a good buy.

Mee Goreng
My friends from Thailand tasted the Mee Goreng and loved it. They each bought 3 packs back to Thailand ^^. It's a Malaysian made product and it tastes delicious! Remember, it has to be the Ibumie Har Mee brand! For your reference, I posted a picture of the packaging on my blog: Ibumi Har Mee Mi Goreng

Beryl's Chocolates
I like to introduce Beryl's chocolate because it's a Malaysian made product. You can find it in any supermarkets, or Beryl's outlets in Genting and KL city, which has a wider variety of chocolates and nicer packaging.

My friends from Thailand introduced me to Padini, same group as Vincci, PDI, Seed, P&CO., Miki Maternity and Miki Kids. The other day, I wore a Padini shirt to buy another Padini shirt, how corny could this get?

The clothing is manufactured in Malaysia. I like it for the reasonable price and the length (the shirt is long enough to cover my belly, and does not shrink). Here are a few samples of T-shirts, simple with nice colors:

For men. The 50% sale ends 31 August in stores, so hurry!

All above three T-shirts were actually bought for my girlfriend's bf in Thailand. They both liked it, so they ordered more (^_^) My hubby also got 2 for himself. All 6 of us now end up owning similar Padini & Seed shirts ^o^

For women:

Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival
The best time to shop in Malaysia is July and August, known as the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. This year the Mega Sale is scheduled for 4 July - 31 August 2009. So if you're planning for a vacation and shopping session in Malaysia, you now know which months to plan for. An interesting site is: shoppingNsales, providing you with the latest sales updates and warehouse sales in Malaysia. You can also get updates of the SnS site on my Blogroll.

July and August are my favorite months for shopping in KL... trying to find a reason to buy clothing only once a year. Hehe...

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