Friday, August 28, 2009

Nur Kasih - Malay TV Drama

I'm now following an interesting Malaysian TV drama, called Nur Kasih. I'm happy they have English sub-titles, otherwise it would be impossible for me understand. Nur Kasih helps me understand more of the Malaysian culture, which I find quite interesting. Not my intention to compare... but can somehow relate to Thai culture, however Malay culture is a bit more stricter (nothing wrong though) ^^

In tonight's episode, Sarah (the jealous sister of Nur Amina) was at home alone and she pretended to faint, because she wanted to "entice" Aidil to go inside the house to "help" her. But Aidil, being a good man, hesitated before entering the house and called out Sarah's name to wake her up without even touching her.

Not long after the incident, Sarah's neighbor was visited by JAIS, the Selangor Islamic Religious Council. JAIS is known as the Syariah Law enforcement officers. Someone made a false call thinking that the neighbor were cohabiting without being legally married.

I will spare you from the whole story. I hope to understand more in the next episodes ^^

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