Monday, August 17, 2009

Money tree and Poysean plant

When my husband and I recently moved in our new apartment, my mom gave us two plants: the money tree and the Poysean plant. She said that these plants have good symbolic meanings. Based on the Chinese beliefs, the money tree brings good financial fortune for businesses, and the Poysean plant, popular among Thai-Chinese Teo Chew households, is believed to bring good luck.

Money Tree

In the beginning, I made the mistake of over watering my money tree T T. The leaves turned yellow and fell off. I almost lost it. I stopped watering it for almost a week, and it finally recovered. Now, I water it twice a week.

Commercial name: money tree
Common name: Malabar chestnut
Scientific name: Pachira Aquatica


It's an easy to care for plant. Avoid direct sun and allow soil to dry between each watering. This one is a Thai hybrid.

Thai and Teo Chew name: Poysean (means eight saints)
Common name: Crown of thorns
Scientific name: Euphorbia Milii

I'm now thinking of getting some indoor plants that can help get rid of harmful chemicals. Hmmm... which of these should I get: philodendrons, ivy, or spider plant?

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