Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Magic of Wynn

I was watching this magic show on NTV7 at 8.30pm. I believe it's a weekly show, but tonight the show caught my eyes, because the magician is a woman. I'm not sure from which origin she is, but she looks so Thai, with beautiful big eyes, long hair, chubby cheeks and a charming smile. Her voice is soft spoken and her gestures are very womanly. In her magic show, she incorporates some modern Thai costumes as well.

I tried to google her up, but couldn't find anything on her profile, except for some video clips on Youtube. Here's one of the few links:

Her name is Mai Wynn, a female illusionist, and she currently lives in the USA. If you know anything about her, please let me know!!!

10/03/2010 update: thanks to a reader, Joelin, Mai Wynn's real name is Ngo My Uyen!


Joelin said...

She's Vietnamese, her real name is Ngo My Uyen <= google it up.

Also, she's the first cover girl for Cosmo Vietnam.

Lily (aka Ly) said...

Thanks Joelin for info! Really appreciate it!