Saturday, August 8, 2009

List of my daily tasks

Here's a list of my daily/weekly tasks...

- Make the bed
- Wash the clothes and blankets
- Hang the clothes and blankets
- Set the breakfast
- Drive to the wet market or supermarket to do groceries
- Prepare lunch, and dinner
- Wash the dishes and pots, and place back the dried dishes
- Help my hubby: draft agreements, accounting and administration
- Work on my daily business tasks
- On accounting I had to learn from the internet... not easy and time consuming!
- Swipe and mop the floor
- Clean the table from dusts
- Clean the balcony
- Clean and scrub the bathroom
- Iron the clothes
- Fold and place the clothes back on the shelves

At least twice a week, my hubby helps in cooking good food and once in a "long" while, he helps in vacuuming the appartment ^^.

I receive moral support from my parents and friends:
- I keep in touch with my parents through phone (I miss them so much!!!)
- I keep in touch with my brother and friends through emails (Good genuine friends are hard to find, I've been keeping in touch with them for over 20 years now.)
- I blog about anything that comes up my mind (my way of releasing stress ^^)

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