Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ikea in Malaysia

I'm writing this blog for my friends in Thailand, as their first IKEA in Thailand is expected to open in 2011, at the Mega Bangna, Bangna Trad Km9.

Note that I went to Ikea Malaysia, located at Mutiara Damansara, two months ago, so I don't have much pictures, but I'll update you guys with more pics on my next Ikea visit (^^). Here's a small preview... hope you like it! Thanks for the topic suggestion Jern!!!

Ikea is filled interesting products, nice designs at affordable prices. You can have fun figuring out some of the products functionality.

Ikea flags

I like Ikea's cafeteria. I like their food trolley, their cute drinking glass, the tables, chairs, lamps, and of course the food they serve. The flavor is nice, the price is reasonable (RM10 to RM14 per dish), and the portion is just good enough.

Food trolley... ooops, missed the handle part.

Ikea Swedish meatball dish (RM10.50).

Ikea chicken with Swedish lemon sauce (RM10.40).

IKEA was founded in Sweden and is now an internationally renowned home products retailer. It became famous for the flat pack furniture concept, also called knock-down furniture or ready-to-assemble furniture. This means that each furniture is manufactured and designed to be easily and quickly assembled by the consumers. The main advantage is space efficiency, and therefore reducing storage and shipping costs, which in turn, is good for the buyers.

If you've been to my place, you'll know that I'm an Ikea fan (that's how the topic suggestion came about ^.^). My apartment is furnished with Ikea furniture and household products: Billy, tables, chairs, rugs, counter stool, blanket covers, blanket, bed sheets, pillow cases, glasses and so on.

Just showing you my kitchen cupboard... I like the uniform plain white tableware ^_^


Chanaporn said...

wow! thanks so much for my request ka :)

I hope by 2011 (in case there's no deferral of the opening date :P) the price of Ikea stuff in Thailand is the same as in other countries.

Lily (aka Ly) said...

Hehe yeah I've read somewhere that the Ikea opening in Bkk was postpone for so many times and for many years... I guess because there are several big competitors... but none so far has the "Ikea feeling" ^^, even for Index Living Mall...