Friday, August 21, 2009

Hollywood Fashion Tape

This product has been my companion for years, but I'm now blogging about it because my DH ("dear hubby") uses more than I do!!! He puts it on his shirt collar to make it stand up when he goes for his meetings.

Can't clearly remember how he got the idea of using it for himself, but I guess it's because I like to show DH my girly products, such as cosmetics, nice fragrances, and including my Hollywood Fashion Tape. It's very thoughtful of him though to cut the strips into smaller pieces, to not waste them ^^

I've introduced it to a few of my girlfriends, but some of them prefer the "natural flow" of clothes... hmmm... good fashion reasoning though.

Basically, this double sided tape is especially made for body skin and delicate fabric. It closes your blouse gaps in between buttons, it prevents your revealing neckline from falling down, it holds your straps, it keeps your bikini in place, etc.

I bought mine from ebay for a good deal when I was in Canada. In Malaysia, you can find it at the TopMan or TopShop cashier counter, they sell it for RM39 for 36 strips.


Chanaporn said...

Just know that topshop sells it too. I found it at the LCCT airport, it costs RM40-50. We're all think it's too expensive T_T

Lily (aka Ly) said...

On ebay USA, you can get 2 packs for the same price ^^ for now... maybe can resort to the regular double-sided tape, but it's rough for skin & delicate fabric hehe