Sunday, August 16, 2009

Axara Paris

Have you heard of Axara Paris? I like their line because of the trendy design and quality fine fabrics. When I was in Thailand, I bought the Axara Soft collection, which was on sale for 50%. The fabric is SUPER SOFT and very comfortable. I just love wearing them!

Here are some pictures of the Soft collection:

I love Axara leggings!!!

Axara Paris since 1975. Made with love / Fabriqué avec amour.

If you're from or visiting Thailand, you can find Axara at Isetan Central World, and at The Mall. Can't find Axara stores in Malaysia though... if you have spotted one, let me know 'ya!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love Axara too. My Malaysian friend said there is a store in 1-Utama but I never been there. I live in Saigon, they hv 3 stores here.

Ly said...

Welcome to the club and thanks for the tip. When I was at 1-Utama, I saw AX Armani and thought it was Axara, hehe. Will try to look for it there again.