Sunday, July 26, 2009

Krispy Kreme in Kuala Lumpur

If you're from Thailand and will be visiting Kuala Lumpur soon, there is one thing you don't want to leave without: Krispy Kreme!

Krispy Kreme is very famous among the Thais. My friends from Thailand bought 6 boxes of dozen doughnuts back. At the airport, they were asked several times where they got the Krispy Kreme from (^^)

The first Krispy Kreme shop opened a few months ago at Times Square, ground floor. You can spot it from the street, it's right next to Papa John's restaurant. If you're taking the monorail, you can exit Imbi station.

The second Krispy Kreme shop opened a month ago at Mid Valley Mega Mall (lot LG-074A), next to Pizza Hut, at the Lower Ground Floor.

Hmmm... can Kuala Lumpur be a famous tourist destination for Thai people, just because of the Krispy Kreme? ^^.

Update Dec. 2010: Krispy Kreme is now opened in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Siam Paragon ground floor. Interestingly, it can be difficult to get a box of the doughnut, as the queue is extremely long since its opening 2 months ago.


Pic said...

It's not only at the airport. When I brought the Krispy Kreme to my friend at the BTS station. I was asked where did I get it. Is the shop open in Thailand?

Lily (aka Ly) said...

wow, Krispy Kreme is actually super famous in Thailand! Hehe ^^ Can become rich by opening a shop in Bkk ^^ But franchise cost is so high...

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