Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Limited Edition Nail Polish Set - Review

My friends bought me a lovely gift: Anna Sui's Dolly Girl nail polish set ^_^. This particular set includes 3 bottles of nail polish (2 sparkles, 1 pastel), 1 Anna Sui box, and 1 sheet of nail stickers.

I just love it: the rose fragrance and the color! My favorite color is the pastel turquoise (^_^). You may want to apply at least 2 layers to get the nice color effect. Anna Sui's nail polish is so addictive!

The downsides: the polish is easily chipped and it's slightly harder to paint than other brands... I think because of its thickness.

Here's a sample of swatches of the 3 colors, from layers 1 to 3.

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